1,200 professionals, 4 helicopters mobilized to put out the Borjomi fire

More than 1,200 professionals from different state bodies, about 120 equipment units and four border police helicopters are providing “maximum efforts” to extinguish the forest fire in the municipality of Borjomi, in the west-central Georgia, the Interior Ministry announced Tuesday.

The ministry said the blaze, which broke out last Friday, was ‘still hard to reach’ in several places, adding that road works were underway to open up access to the locations for firefighters, as well as ministry professionals Defence, Regional Development and Home Affairs. .

Georgia Department of Interior video.

Visiting the municipality on Monday, Georgian Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri said that if there was no wind, sources of fire would be limited by Tuesday.

To prevent the spread of the fire, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili sunday educated the country defense force, the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and the Ministry of the Environment to get involved in the fight against the fire.

The fire broke out near the villages of Kvabiskhevi and Zoreti in Borjomi municipality, before spreading further due to strong winds.

Betty K. Park