7 Black Charlotte interior designers to support all year round

Photo: Amanda Anderson, courtesy of Marie Cloud

Charlotte is a hub of creative talent. Here are seven black interior designers who should be on your radar — if they aren’t already.

Driving the news: Marie Cloud, owner and lead designer of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio, is on a mission to increase representation and make the field fairer for color designers.

If you need an interior designer, here are seven to consider, listed in no particular order.

1. Fitting Room Interiors, Ariene Bethea

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Ariene Bethea is known for her use of color and her ability to curate meaningful design moments. And if you’ve ever been to her vintage decor store, you know she’s also a professional treasure hunter.

  • Acquire new customers? Ariène will start taking on new clients this spring.

Book if: You’re not afraid of color and you want your home to tell a story.

Ariene Bethea Locker Room Interiors

Photo: Brie Williams, courtesy of Ariene Bethea

Ariene Bethea Locker Room Interiors

Photo: Courtesy of Ariane Bethea

2. Drawings of boules and jacks, Jacqueline Bowman Snow

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Jacqueline Bowman Snow offers a range of services, from personal purchasing of specific items to full-service design.

  • Acquire new customers? You can fill out their application form here.

Book if: You need help creating a space that inspires.

3. Live by Cheryl, Cheryl Luckett

instagram | Website

Cheryl Luckett is synonymous with opulence at your fingertips. She has a knack for elevating homes to their highest potential with decorating.

  • Acquire new customers? To reach here inquire for availability at the end of 2022.

Book if: You want your home to be as luxurious as it is comfortable.

live by cheryl Laura Sumrak Photography

Photo: Laura Sumrak Photography

4. Quin Gwinn Studio, Quin Gwinn

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Quin Gwinn is known for her modern, fresh style that infuses color and contemporary art. She has done everything from home renovations to small commercial projects.

  • Acquire new customers? Quin takes on new clients for small businesses including offices, boutiques and stores.

Book if: You are a small business that needs space planning and like the millennial style.

quin gwinn

Photo: Joshua Galloway, courtesy of Quin Gwinn

5. Black Muse Interiors, Ashley Ross

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Ashley Ross does full-service residential and commercial design and production set design. Customers are drawn to its contemporary overall design aesthetic.

  • Acquire new customers? Yes. See prices and packages here.

Book if: You want a beautiful, culturally rich space designed to support your well-being.


Photo: Camille Hughes/Her Hues Photography, courtesy of Ashley Ross

Commercial project Muse Noire Interiors

Commercial project for Charlotte Fit Boutique Gym for women. Photo: Tiffany Ringwald Photography, courtesy of Ashley Ross

6. Denean Nicole Decor, Denean Jackson

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Whether you’re looking for a refresh or need help starting from scratch, Denean Jackson has you covered. Her specialty is multi-room projects (think: living room, master suite, and home office).

  • Acquire new customers? She is accepting new clients for the spring/summer season.

Book if: You like timeless and transitional style.

photo of denean jackson

Photo: Courtesy of Denean Jackson

Denean Nicole Home Office Decor

7. Marie Cloud, Indigo Pruitt Design Studio

instagram | Website

Marie Cloud’s not-so-secret ingredient to creating amazing interiors is relationship building. Her design philosophy is to get to know the passions and attributes of her clients to create moving and curated spaces.

  • Acquire new customers? Yes; she takes on new clients for the spring.

Book if: You want your home to be an expression of yourself.

marie cloud indigo pruitt

marie cloud indigo pruitt design

Photos: Amanda Anderson, courtesy of Marie Cloud

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