8 clever tips for interior design

Jenine Bruce from Lacuna always impresses us with her fabulous interior design skills.

Jenin’s decoration tips

• It’s your home, so express your personality in your interiors. Embrace a little fun and color! It’s easy to paint a bold wall and just as easy to pull it off!

• If something no longer brings you joy, change it or mix it up. In fact, don’t have anything in your house that doesn’t bring you joy.

• Add greenery in textured baskets to bring life and tranquility to a space.

• Textured, bold or classic, wallpaper adds a lot of fun. Really go for it; “Drape” a piece of wallpaper and see how the corners “fade”.

• Add character to a bathroom with an organic style mirror and a shelf below for a diffuser, hand soap and a “green” element. You don’t have to break the bank to add heart to a small space!

• On weekends, go in search of unique furniture that you can renovate and make yourself. It’s a great way to bring personality to your interiors.

• Collect works of art and objects and layer your surfaces; displays can be changed according to the mood.

• If you have the opportunity to open up your living spaces and create a more common space, go for it. You will not regret it ! A South African lifestyle is best suited to an easy flow from kitchen to living room to dining room and outdoors.

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