9 Small Dining Table Options for Equally Small Spaces, According to Interior Design Experts | Architectural Summary

Buying a dining table is an inherently adult purchase. It’s not like accepting a second-hand futon or filling your wall with recycled artwork. And if the need for a table outweighs the square footage you have, a small dining table can do the trick. So we tapped a few of our favorite designers to pick tables they think are perfect for small spaces, whether it’s a first apartment, a cozy breakfast nook, or a a city life with a small kitchen.

Catherine Branstetter, a Nashville-based interior designer, recommends approaching the challenge from an emotional angle. She suggests a table that “allows easy conversation, and one that has comfortable chairs you can sit around for hours.” Bregan Jane, an interior designer often seen on HGTV, takes a no-nonsense approach to selecting tables for the small spaces she designs. “Functionality is also something to keep in mind,” she says. “A very heavy piece can be difficult to move, which you may need to do if your small space is going to be versatile.”

However you turn it, limited square footage should never get in the way of gathering the people you love, working away from your bed, or hosting a game night. Read on for nine buyable choices.

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Betty K. Park