A closer look at the jaw-dropping interior of the Lexus RZ 450e

Lexus, as we all know, is the luxury division of Japanese automotive conglomerate Toyota. While Toyota is finally making a splash in the fully electric vehicle market with the new bZ4X, Lexus has decided to refresh its existence in the luxury vehicle market with its first BEV (Battery Electric vehicle) with its new RZ 450e. We’re sure Lexus is in the mood to flaunt its first EV, and the extensive information and images prove that, although they’re late, they’re well prepared to make a grand entrance.

Lexus has a ton of experience making electric vehicles. Although they don’t have a full-time electric vehicle or BEV in their current inventory, the launch and development of hybrid technologies since 2005 has provided them with enough knowledge to launch their first BEV.

When it comes to luxury vehicles, the first names that come to mind are German heavyweights like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and others. However, Lexus has been a real competitor to German luxury car brands since its inception, and the recipe provided by Lexus is distinct from that of others.

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The Lexus RZ 450e showcases exceptional Japanese craftsmanship

While some might say the cabin looks a lot like the Lexus NX Hybrid, we think otherwise. The RZ series is the latest addition to the Lexus lineup, and designers designed the cabin from scratch. The cabin of the RZ 450e is a great place to be at all times. Lexus has never skimped on quality and the materials used inside speak for themselves.

The cabin’s design language isn’t as polarizing as the Ford Mustang Mach-E or as minimalistic as the Tesla Model Y or Polestar 2. Instead, the cabin of the Lexus RZ 450e looks balanced, user-friendly, and meticulously crafted. beautiful. The dashboard design is one of the reasons we love Lexus. The dashboard layout is both simple and modern, and all the key elements are beautifully stacked to form a sleek unit that’s easy to understand and use, even while driving.

The dashboard design is based on the “Tazuna” concept, and as the theme suggests, Lexus emphasized functionality but also granted a clean, modern design. The dashboard is equipped with a set of two screens; one for the driver and another for multimedia needs. Most cockpit parts are durable plastic, but Lexus has embellished them with soft-touch materials, accents and trim. The upper dashboard is adorned with a soft-touch leatherette material, which offers an excellent feel and an elegant finish.

In addition, the lower part of the dashboard features aluminum accents and the front console is decorated with black wood grain. The doors are finished with leather and accent stitching. All of these things make the cabin look impeccably crafted. The RZ 450e cabin features distinct ambient lighting with 64 “self-selecting colors” to make it even more stunning at night.

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Lexus RZ 450e: best-in-class seating layout

The RZ 450e is larger than its Toyota and Subaru siblings. While they have an identical 112.2-inch wheelbase, the RZ 450e, being longer and wider, offers slightly more interior passenger volume. Although we don’t have the exact number, we believe the cabin will lend up to 95.5 cu. ft. of passenger volume, which means the seats will offer better legroom in the front and rear. In addition, the elegant dashboard and the standard panoramic cab roof make the cabin more airy. The dual-slot panoramic sunroof lets more light and air through the cabin, making it cooler and more spacious.

Additionally, the seats will feature new upholstery made of two types of materials, including Ultrasuede and 30% sustainable biodegradable materials. RZ 450e buyers will have three upholstery color options, including Orange, Palomino and Dapple Grey. Looking at the headroom and legroom offered in the Toyota bZ4X, we suspect the Lexus RZ 450e will offer a little more room, which should be enough even for taller adults. The rear seats will also have enough space for adults. As usual with Lexus’ comfortable and ample cushioned seats, the RZ 450’s cabin will be no different.

Best-in-class infotainment unit to enhance luxury

The driver’s side will feature a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with standard paddle shifters and a fully digital instrument panel. Lexus has also confirmed that a yoke-style steering wheel, 10-inch head-up display and premium Mark Levinson audio system will be offered as options. On top of that, the dash will sport a 14-inch Full HD LCD display running on Lexus’ proprietary interface.

Unlike most EVs on the market, the BEV’s cockpit provides occupants with buttons, making accessibility easier. The control buttons are ergonomically positioned and easy to use.

Launch date and estimated price

Although we are not aware of the comforts and technologies included inside, we believe that the first Lexus BEV will be equipped with a host of standard features, such as those found in higher versions of the NX. 450h, due to the high starting price. The new Lexus RZ 450e is expected to hit dealerships in late 2022 with a starting price as high as north of $55,000. As an all-electric luxury crossover SUV, it will rival the Tesla Model Y, Polestar 2, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volvo XC40 Recharge.

Although the images from the press room are very convincing, we will be able to better appreciate the beauty of the RZ after seeing it in person. Nevertheless, Lexus has always been consistent with its products, offering distinct yet beautiful products. We think the all-new RZ 450e will impress us more in person.

Source: Lexus

Betty K. Park