Alan Carr’s Masters in Interior Design: BBC TV show arrives in the Cotswolds for hotly contested semi-final

Alan Carr’s interior design masters came to the Cotswolds today (April 20) for the semi-final. On the hit BBC show, aspiring interior designers compete and redecorate ordinary spaces to transform them with brilliant ideas and innovative designs.

The three remaining contestants on the show, which airs at 9pm tonight, were aiming to deliver their best designs to date, in the hope of earning a place in the grand final. They were given blank canvases at a Cotswolds holiday park to work their magic.

Judge Michelle Ogundehin revealed that for their project, they will be working solo. Each received a luxury holiday lodge to be modernized, including an open plan kitchen, living and dining area, and an outdoor terrace.

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These beige lakeside lodges in the heart of the Cotswolds might have been luxurious, but in terms of design they were the epitome of sweetness. Michelle asked the designers to leave their mark and impress her with some design flair.

With individual themes to work on, each designer took quite a different approach. Banjo went against his natural instincts and opted for a bold primary color palette, taking inspiration from a classic 80s movie.

Amy skipped color altogether, hoping her sophisticated monochromatic scheme would appeal to the target market for her “friend getaways.” And for the third pavilion, Paul chose a nautical theme, using Cotswold stone, wood paneling on the walls and luxury linens on the sofas.

Michelle was joined this week by guest judge and queen of dark and moody Abigail Aherne. The judges thought Paul had been “really smart about making his space comfortable”, but thought some of his wooden touches looked out of place.

The judges were impressed with Amy’s “intriguing” and “contemporary” interior with “rustic touches”, but were disappointed with her “flat” outdoor space. The judges loved Banjo’s bright yellow kitchen, but thought parts of his colorful dressing room were “overlooked”.

After much deliberation, the judges decided that Paul hadn’t impressed them enough to qualify for the final. Amy and Banjo will now move on to the final which airs next week on BBC One.

Betty K. Park