Alex Hall’s Interior Design Background Explained

Alex Hall will be featured in Netflix’s latest Selling Sunset spin-off, Selling The OC. How does her background in interior design help her succeed?

Alexandra Hall is one of the Oppenheim Group’s newest employees and will be featured on Netflix Sell ​​CO Later this year. She already has an impressive list of sold properties, which the Oppenheim Group attributes to her negotiating skills and experience in interior design. But how does this experience give him an edge over his competitors in the real estate industry?

First release in 2019, sell sunset quickly became Netflix’s latest hit show thanks to the dramatic feuds between competing real estate agents and the glamorous, ultra-expensive Los Angeles real estate it featured. When Jason and Brett Oppenheim, twin brothers and co-owners of the Oppenheim Group, revealed during the sell sunset season 4 finale that they had expanded their brokerage to Newport Beach, it was an obvious choice for Netflix to create Sell ​​CO.


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Unlike its parent show or other spin-off, Sell ​​Tampa, Sell ​​COThe cast of will be a mix of boys and girls. Along with the show’s trailer, which was released earlier this month, Netflix Tudum revealed some details about this brand new cast, like its three different Alexandras: Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose and Alex Hall. “Young and ambitiousAlex has been working in real estate since 2013. alexander does not provide too many details on his Instagram account about him; however, in his biography of The Oppenheim Groupshe is one of thehigh level” from Orange County real estate agents. With Alex’s youthful outlook and experiences, she is a powerful threat to her competitors, which boasts of her college background.

As sell sunsetInterior designer Amanza Smith, Alex specializes in interior design. Her degree can help her ensure that the property she’s selling looks amazing inside and out, with rooms that have the right furnishings and decorations that blend with the architecture of the home. . Alex’s expert knowledge of interior design gives him an edge over his other agents. Alex, along with the rest of his cast members, is heavily featured in Netflix’s new spin-off trailer. Similar to sell sunsetthe high-end properties being sold by agents will become the backdrop for workplace drama within the Oppenheim Group office. Sell ​​the OC’The mixed cast also allows for a new kind of drama. The trailer was sure to highlight this, with several cast members sharing their thoughts on an unknown woman’s attempt to kiss married agent Tyler Stanaland.

Although there is still no release date for Sell ​​CO, Netflix’s trailer proved that fans have a lot to look forward to. With a wide cast of thrilling agents like Alex, viewers were promised a drama that will rival or surpass feuds over sell sunset. Until Sell ​​CO is out, fans can still stream sell sunset and Sell ​​Tampa on Netflix.

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Sources: Netflix Tudum, Alexandra Hall/Instagram, The Oppenheim Group

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