Art Deco interior by VudafieriSaverino Partners for the restaurant in Monte Carlo

With over 45 years of experience in the world of haute cuisine in the UK, France and Monaco, Pierre Baldelli chooses to open its first restaurant in Monte-Carlo and entrusts the interior design of the establishment to Vudafieri-Saverino Partners architectural firm. Architects Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino successfully strikes the right balance between style, intimacy and eccentricity to create an interior design that would accompany guests through the dining experience offered by Chef Stéphane Goudé.
The restaurant was created in an emblematic building of the Principality of Monaco, the Shopping metropolis of Monte-Carlo, a luxury shopping center built in the 1980s.

At Pierre’s place offers mall shoppers an enveloping, secluded and whimsical space that invites them to pause and experience the thrill of newness. The idea behind the design is centered on Pierre Baldelli. From the outset, the architects worked on the idea of ​​transmitting to users its history and its passion for restoration, taking them on a journey through the cities of Monte Carlo, Paris and London, all so essential to its formation. The retro charm of the place, with its mirrored surfaces and art deco elements, fits perfectly into the luxurious spaces of the Metropolis, which it embellishes with new ideas and emotions. The experiments and innovations implemented by the architects manage to achieve a perfect balance between sinuous lines and shapes, bright colors and geometric patterns. The dining room offers 44 seats and 4 bar stools in a retro atmosphere inspired by the 60s. The environment is dominated by the contrasts between the neutral colored walls, the floor with an optical design, typical of the 1960s, and the bright colors of the other elements, including the ruby ​​red seats.
The bar counter is the centerpiece of the restaurant and on the back wall, to amplify the space, there are images of the cities of Paris, London and Monte Carlo on antique mirrors. Materials, soft surfaces, details and lighting contribute to give a sophisticated and theatrical touch to the interior decoration imagined by Vudafieri – Saverino Partners.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images reproduced with the kind permission of Vudafieri – Saverino PartnersPictures of Santi Caleca

Project name: Chez Pierre
Metropolis shopping Monte Carlo, Monaco
Project: Vudafieri – Saverino PartnersTiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino
Design team: Roberta La Vena, Alessandra Bottiroli
Total area: 190 m²
Custom furniture: Mattec Interiors
Project management: Myriam Carvalho (Notari – architects)
Graphic designer: Letizia Maria Fraschini
Stools: Pedrali
Bench fabric: Dedar Sansone/ Mp Leather
Lighting: Hatton 1 (original BTC)
Photos: Santi Caleca

Betty K. Park