Ateliers Alfonso Femia Redevelopment and interior design of the new Ersel Bank in Milan

The Studio(s) Alfonso Femia studio recently completed the building redevelopment and interior design project for the new Ersel Bank headquarters in Via Caradosso, Milan. The studio led by architect Alfonso Femia won the invitational competition in 2018 for the redevelopment of the original building, built in the 1930s and designed by Agnoldomenico Pica and Pietro Cassinoni for the Società Elettrica Generale dell’Adamello.

Following the philosophy that is the basis of each project carried out by the studio, “know to interpret and render“, the starting point of the redevelopment project was an important philological research that closely examined the genesis of the building designed by Agnoldomenico Pica and its transformations over the decades. Architect Alphonse Femia and his workshop have therefore developed a new concept that respects the existing structure but which, thanks to the adoption of appropriate solutions and mediation measures, satisfies the demands of the client and responds to contemporary needs from a functional point of view.The project was carried out through five specific actions and involved the four floors of the building, the basement, the construction of a new roof which made the top floor accessible, the creation of a large hall to replace the old mechanical and water systems, as well as the creation of an equipped green space in the inner courtyard. On the main facade, facing Via Caradosso, a careful restoration has been carried out and new high-performance windows have been installed to ensure the energy efficiency of the envelope system. The facades of the inner courtyard, on the other hand, have been redefined with new additions for the vertical connecting elements and for the intervention relating to the new roof. Speaking about the project and the Milanese architecture of the 1930s, architect Alfonso Femia pointed out how “Twentieth-century Milan is characterized by variety and fragments, its buildings compose a dense urban landscape, but also unitary even in marked differences. To respect and preserve.“For this very reason, the red thread of the new intervention was, in fact, the search for congruence with the compositional heritage of Agnoldomenico Pica, implemented through a respectful interpretation of existing architectural elements, proper geometries from a formal point of view Up to the redefinition of the interior facade which, for the architect Alphonse Femiabecomes a “design bridge between the 1920s and the 2020s, with no breaks in em>”

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, photos by Stefano Anzini

Project name: Banca Ersel
Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Caradosso 16 Srl
Architectural and landscape design: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia *AF517
Responsible architect: Alfonso Femia
Engineering of structures and services: BMS Progetti Srl
Project management: Progetto CMR srl
Art direction: Alfonso Femia, Marco Corazza
Legal advice: Leone – Torrani e Associati
Lighting design: Alfonso Femia/AF*Design with IN-VISIBLE lab
Project Director: Marco Corazza
Project manager: Arianna Dall’Occa
Design team: Simonetta Cenci (Coordinamento), Alfonso Femia, Angela Cavallari, Arianna Dall’Occa, Alfonso Marotta, Francesca Recagno, Vincenzo Tripodi, Vittoria Paternostro, Carlotta Turrato, Sara Massa, Carlo Occhipinti, Stefano Cioncoloni. Francesca Zampetti
Collaborators: Elisabetta Alfonsi, Mariana Duarte de Santana, Nicola Scognamiglio
Photos: Stefano Anzini

Betty K. Park