Avelo executives paint the interior walls of the New Haven Boys & Girls Club

Photo by Mark Zaretski

NEW HAVEN — Members of the Avelo Airlines executive team have been in town all week for a leadership conference — as well as an announcement of new destinations on Tuesday — but Monday morning they took the time to help the New Haven Boys & Girls Clubs on Columbus Avenue painting his gymnasium and art studio.

“We did everything they asked us to do,” said Andrew Levy, Avelo’s chairman and CEO. He said Avelo was just looking for a way to give back to the community.

John Wilk, Quality Manager for Avelo Airlines, and Jesse Wolf, Senior Art Specialist for New Haven Boys & Girls Club, prepared a wall in the New Haven Boys & Girls Club Art Studio for painting .

Avelo serves 18 popular travel destinations across the United States and is based on the East Coast at Tweed-New Haven Airport.

Betty K. Park