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Find yourself stuck in the same decorating slump for yet another year and crave some inspirational motivation for your home decor?

2022 is the year of the tiger and it’s time for you to embrace big change and bold action. Dive into uncharted territory and choose, on purpose, it’s true… on purpose… to PLAY. Roll your decoration dice and go against your norm. You might even surprise yourself at how a few choice changes and bold design upgrades will elevate your interior and outlook.

“If you’re not willing to risk the unusual, you’ll have to settle for the ordinary.” -Jim Rohn

Embrace color on more than walls

  • Bold color is the surest way to revamp your surroundings with exciting impact infused with your style, character and personality.
  • Using colorful accessories like a jade or malachite mirror is a fearless approach that draws attention to an otherwise bland space.
  • Experiment by painting interior doors a color other than white. Incorporating a rich black, charcoal gray or even a hint of blue will add depth, contrast and a unique touch to an otherwise overlooked architectural element. Built-in libraries can also be set with color. Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints add just the right shine needed.
  • If the basic elements of your room’s walls, floors, and ceilings are similar in color, add some life and pizzazz to a designated conversation area with a colorful rug. It not only grounds the space, but creates a canvas for your furniture.
  • Nothing makes a statement more than a spectacular piece of art. The grander the better and the more colorful the more engaging. Investing in a piece that you love, with colors that appeal to you, is a decision that should be based on personal taste, not trends. The art that speaks to you will be part of a treasured collection you’ll keep for years to come, so don’t be afraid to splurge. Suspended in a coveted spot, where it’s best viewed from many angles and entry points, draws you in to enjoy every day. Also feel free to move the art around in different rooms and locations for a renewed look.
  • Ceilings are the forgotten “fifth wall”. Applying color here is a simple, low-investment idea to boost your atmosphere to new heights. Draw your eyes upward by selecting conscious colors – light colors for a soothing airy feel and bright colors to add more drama.
  • Lacquering furniture in a brilliant sheen, color of your choice, adds just the right amount of punch to any room, to spark curiosity and captivate an audience Breathe new life into any vintage piece with this simple technique. Try a two-tone black and white effect like this desk for more interest.

Incorporate textures to add depth and dimension

A layered effect is achieved by mixing different textures in one piece. Layering adds depth, warmth, dimension and contrast by inviting and engaging your tactile senses. It exudes the look and feel of luxury transcending that luxury hotel feel that we all crave, regardless of our design style.

Mixing velvets with leathers, silks with linens, and smooth textures with softness are examples of how to embody a more upscale vibe. And don’t stop at just fabrics and textiles…. The dimensional design can also be found in your storage furniture. Think acrylic with lacquered wood for a coffee table, a shagreen console table with an inlaid marble top, a glass dining table with metallic accents. Juxtaposed finishes can also take center stage in your accessories, such as providing an organic pottery background with a shiny metallic accessory in the foreground or an alabaster lamp with gold accents.

Be selective: select details that cannot be ignored


It goes without saying that the details do indeed make a huge difference. Invest when and where you can in these fine little points. Thoughtful custom touches throughout the room infuse your surroundings with sophisticated elegance. Something as simple as a contrasting color welt on a pillow is an opportunity to elevate an ordinary look into a one-of-a-kind piece. Here are some areas to consider for highlighting:

  • Studded trim
  • Tufting
  • Custom pillows
  • Mixed metals
  • acrylic furniture
  • Cabinetmaking hardware
  • Detailed moldings
  • Eclectic lighting
  • Sculptural modern art
  • Great novelties
  • Decorative strips and trims
  • Paneling
  • Padding with Shaped Flair
  • Etched glass

One of my favorite places to add understated detail is in the dining room. Embellish plain seats with a gold cuff handle. Not only is it an item of functionality but also a jewel for your furniture. A dazzling detail of unique hardware puts a plain Jane chair in the spotlight and invites any guest to sit down in style.

Play with the pattern: shiny and beautiful

Whether your design style is maximalist or minimalist, the pattern will immediately infuse an unspoken liveliness into your living space.

  • Animal print is a classic addition to any home decor. It pairs well with neutrals as well as color and is a great textural element for layering. Use sparingly in pillows, benches or reclaimed chair seats for a high impact focal point.
  • Using multiple patterned fabrics alongside solids that can stand on their own really changes the mood of any room. Design with no more than 5-6 different fabrics in one piece.
  • Create your own pattern by mixing solids with different fabric widths on your upholstery. Decorate the base upholstery with tape or contrasting trims for added sophistication.

Patterns can also be ornamentally highlighted in floors, brick and stone, backsplashes and three-dimensional walls. The chevron continues to be a staple for adding graceful movement. Linear, hexagon and basket weave are other alternatives to consider. Here, less is more for a clean, patterned approach.

Depending on your risk tolerance, take the plunge and incorporate one or a few modern design enhancements. You will be so glad you did.

Tonya Hill, principal owner and designer of boutique company Opalus Designs, LLC understands how transformative the aura of an idyllic, reinvigorated environment can be. We work with you to carefully design every remarkable detail, from start to finish. Your home can have an enhanced ambiance with order, current timeless aesthetics and touches of luxury where your senses are engaged, your lifestyle enriched and inspiration unfolds to simply live better.

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