Car Interior Design Ideas Worth Trying

You don’t have to worry about stiff fabrics and manufacturer’s plastic surfaces. For a clean, sophisticated design that reflects your lifestyle, you can give your car’s interior a personal or luxurious makeover. And that can range from comfortable seats to leather dashboard trim and bespoke steering wheels.

The future car emphasizes the cabin experience through an outstanding car interior. Whether you want a personal touch, premium features, added comfort, or a profit upsell, car interior modification can make it possible.

Read on to discover some car interior design ideas worth trying.

  1. Upgrade Dashboard

Your dashboard can enhance your cabin experience. There are several ways to modify it to make it more intuitive, functional and elegant.

  • Add a sleek infotainment touchscreen; it can be a pop-up or a permanent fixture.
  • Upgrade the dashboard cover with a more attractive, bespoke material like leather or wood.
  • Add advanced gauges, including a tire pressure monitoring system.

If you don’t modify the entire dash, adding aftermarket infotainment touchscreens may leave some areas cut off. But, these can easily be concealed with a sleek finish.

But some cars already have bespoke dashboards and interiors; you can only add a limited number of custom items. The Toyota Corolla Cross may need a few additions like a wireless charger, front digital recorder, etc. Such custom post-production facilities can add to the fuel economy and attractive pricing of the Corolla Cross.

  1. Add steering wheel covers

The steering wheel plays a vital role in the interior aesthetics of your car. Automakers are currently trying to emphasize steering wheel design. But you can still get your spare covers for your steering wheels.

You can choose from a variety of materials, with genuine leather being among the most expensive. Besides aesthetics, steering wheel covers also add:

You can also opt for a complete upgrade of the entire steering wheel, especially if you want quicker steering. Most aftermarket steering wheels are smaller and more snug, providing a more precise driving experience.

But, Florida Toyota dealerships warn that an authorized service center should make such healthy changes. Otherwise, it may void your insurance and increase safety risks, especially when the airbag is installed incorrectly. It will require proper flashing and authentication which can only be done by an expert technician or an authorized service center.

  1. Customize car seats

The car seat covers more than half of the interior space of your car. So it’s an essential part of your car interior that should be upgraded if it doesn’t match your style.

The benefits of custom car seats range from a stylish interior makeover to improving your driving position, increasing safety and giving your car a sporty feel. Aftermarket seats are a popular interior upgrade.

But, go for what is within your budget and matches the overall look of your car’s interior. Synthetic leather is the cheapest material you can get. But, for deeper pockets, you can spruce up the genuine leather and make your seats give your interior a plush feel.

However, contact your insurance company about your planned change to make sure they don’t void your insurance claims.

  1. Add a floor mat

Your floor mats are another visible part of your car’s interior. Add a decorative one if the standard looks odd and dulls the overall mood. In addition, your floor mat protects the interior panels of the car from dust and dirt particles.

Although they come in different textures and designs, you need to choose them carefully as they can be difficult to clean. Rubber ones are preferable as they easily trap dirt and are just as easy to clean. Still, felt rugs have great flair but require frequent cleaning. Those made of both are great for work and ambiance.

  1. Add ambient LED lights

A perfect way to recreate the living room atmosphere in your car is to use ambient LED lights. They have limitless use cases, from under panel fixtures to dash strips. Plus, they have a variety of colors, allowing you endless customization options.

The best part is that most of them are controlled using a remote control, which allows you to change the colors according to your mood and taste.

  1. Include storage pockets

While doing your upholstery, you reduce the visual clutter of your car by including storage pockets on the car seats. Although most cars come with bottle holders and other storage, you can quickly run out of space to stack a few more.

Removable pouches can help increase your storage options. You can attach them to any car seat area and hold anything from notebooks to bottles.

  1. Add USB plug-in sockets and cable guides

You don’t want cables hanging around while charging or using your phone as a GPS navigator or music source. This will be a major inconvenience to your driving experience. Cable guides will not only reduce visual clutter, but will also make your ride easier.

Adding a USB plug-in will save you from worrying about low battery on your phone.

  1. Add a phone holder

A firm phone holder will be ideal for convenient GPS tracking using your phone. But avoid using your phone to call or text while driving. We recommend using phone docks only when using your phone for GPS or music. Also, don’t leave it on the dock when parked as it may attract thieves.

  1. Upgrade the style of the pedals, shifter and handbrake

Yet in your cabin, you can spruce up your gear knob, handbrakes and pedals. Although they are less visible, they are still visible interior elements. The covers for each element are available in different textures and materials.

For handbrakes and gear knobs, opt for stylish covers that offer comfort and grip. Pedal covers should also be comfortable, especially to reduce your leg fatigue on long rides.

Betty K. Park