Change of course: Alexander Stabler, dancing in the world of interior design

As a performer, Alexander Stabler recognized that his career had a lifespan and was eager to transition into a new profession on his own terms. He would take the stage for one last show and receive the applause one last time.

Instead, his final appearance as a dancer and outfielder in Wynn’s The dream, March 10, 2020, would be a night like any other. “I don’t remember anything, unfortunately,” Stabler said. “It was just another show.”

Four days later, the cast and crew were notified that the show would be closing for a few weeks due to COVID-19. “We were paid. We received benefits. We were still employees,” says Stabler. “We were actually meeting every two weeks and doing Zoom rehearsals. We were all in our backyards rehearsing the choreography. We were about to come back. »

Then weeks turned into months, and in August, Stabler and his colleagues learned that The dream would remain permanently dark. But while the pandemic robbed Stabler of the stage exit he had envisioned, it never undermined his ambition.

He turned to another of his passions, interior design. Stabler’s husband, Freddy Godínez, had recently graduated from UNLV with a degree in landscape architecture, so the two started a new business called Fredric Alexander. Godínez created a logo, and when both men came down with COVID in July 2020, Stabler passed the time by creating a website for Next come the desks, designed by Stabler himself.

Her interest in interior design dates back to a childhood spent traveling frequently, throughout Southeast Asia, before her family settled in Orange County, California. “I discovered that growing up overseas, my childhood was a bit chaotic,” says Stabler. “I’ve always found peace, or I’ve found it very ingrained, in bringing spaces together, cleaning them up and arranging them. I saw how a space affected people.

People who aren’t happy with the look or layout of a room will often continue to live there for years, he says. “Why not love the space you live in? Once you do, it will change your whole outlook. The pandemic has highlighted how important this is to our quality of life. »

Stabler says Fredric Alexander aims to make design accessible, whether taking someone’s space from concept to completion or through his refresh and refine service, which the company works for. with what the client already has to create a new environment.

In addition, Fredric Alexander can consult, research and offer a unique shopping experience. Their wares come from casinos, garage sales, antique stores and more, so shoppers shouldn’t expect to see the same things twice.

The transition from performer to interior designer has come with challenges, Stabler concedes. As the days passed, he realized he had missed the applause. But he also found solace in his new career.

“I became a performer because I wanted to touch people. They came to the show and they were able to escape,” he says. “Design [also] affects people, but on a larger scale, I think, on a more sustainable scale.

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Betty K. Park