Clean-up campaign organized inside Dal Lake

A clean up campaign was organized on Saturday by NGO White Globe in association with the Lakes and Waterways Development Authority inside Kachri Mohalla, Bhat Mohalla, Latti Mohalla on Saturday. The NGO and Lakes and Waterways volunteers together with the local people started the cleaning campaign in these mohallas where people used to throw their waste in the open field leading to problems related to Pollution.

Sheikh Saba, chairman of the NGO White Globe, told ANI, “Today we came to do a cleaning campaign inside Dal Lake. We want the inside to be as clean as the outside of Dal Lake so that tourism will be boosted.” I would like to thank the NGO White Globe for working with us and organizing today’s event. The Athvas program has been running since April 9 which was inaugurated by our LG. A lot of people have come forward to participate in this event and I am really grateful to them,” said Gazala of DFO’s Lakes and Waterways Development Authority.

The NGO and the volunteers have involved young people in this cleaning campaign in order to maintain a clean and neat environment, not only for the inhabitants but also for the tourists. Locals have come out in large numbers to take part in this cleanup campaign as it will inspire others to maintain a clean and orderly society.

Local Firdous Ahmad said, “A clean-up campaign has been organized here to make the inside of Dal Lake clean. I am grateful to Ms. Ghazala and Ms. Saba for taking the initiative. He added: “I took a break from my work today because I wanted to be part of the cleanup campaign and I also think that parents should educate their children about cleanliness in society.

The Lakes and Waterways Development Authority has also joined in this campaign to raise awareness about clean environment and freedom from disease inside Dal Lake. (ANI)

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Betty K. Park