DIY: SOS interior designer Aoife Rhattigan on the biggest mistake Irish people make at home

DIY: SOS has been captivating over the past few weeks, with every deserving family touching the hearts of the nation. Thanks to a very hardworking team, the transformation of the houses each week has been amazing.

Spearheading the renovations is the series’ interior designer, Aoife Rhattigan, who makes sure that by the end of each episode, the homes look spectacular.

As an expert, Aoife knows a thing or two about what works and doesn’t work in your living space, and she says the most common mistake many Irish people make when it comes to designing the inside their home is to choose furniture that is too big.

“Understanding scale and proportion can be tricky, so bring your tape measure when shopping for furniture,” she says.

“Make sure you have enough room left in your space after you install your furniture, because whatever room is left is the actual space you need to live in.”

DIY: SOS interior designer Aoife Rhattigan

If you want to make a small change that will have a big impact in your home, Aoife suggests focusing on lighting.

“Good lighting is paramount and can make even the darkest spaces happier,” she explains.

“Ditch the central ceiling light and get floor lamps and table lamps instead. Always make sure your bulbs are warm white (2700k or 3000k) and not cool white (4000k).”

She also recommends using a mirror in your space to give the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is.

“Using mirrors and reflective surfaces can help, just be careful where you place your mirrors, they need to reflect something pretty like a nice art print,” she says.

When investing money in your home, Aoife says it’s best to aim for the quality and longevity of your larger pieces.

“A good sofa can last you 30 years with a little care for example. Try to buy the best quality that your budget will allow. a more expensive finish, unless you’re sure it’s right for your home.”

Finally, is there a pet peeve Aoife sees in Irish homes that irritates her?

“The skirting boards highlighted in white paint always bother me. My skirting boards always match the color of the walls. The skirting board is there to cover the junction where the walls meet the floor. It’s not the room inside that should be highlighted!” “

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