Dolce&Gabbana and M-Cube bring interior design boutique to life — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

In-store digital engagement solutions company M-Cube has been working on Dolce&Gabbana Casa’s latest project, with the opening of its first boutique dedicated to interior design at Corso Venezia 7 and Via Durini 23 in Milano.

M-Cube collaborated in the design of the Corso Venezia 7 store by designing and installing an immersive room. This one recreates the fashion house’s four themes: Leopard, Sicilian Cart, Zebra and Mediterranean Blue.

It uses moving images, expressive videos, stage element transformations, interactivity, worlds built with a surreal mix of sets and performers, and visual features inspired by fashion collections, allowing customers to immerse yourself in the world of Dolce&Gabbana.

This was made possible by a Dolby sound system and the dimensions of the hall consisting of two spacious ambiences. The first room measures 2.5 mx 3.75 m while the second measures 3 mx 3.75 m. Both are 2.5m high for a total of 71,875m2 of LEDs installed.

“Digital [experiences] become more and more essential to respond to new consumer demands and support merchants in improving their internal processes,” says Leonardo Comelli, Commercial Director of M-Cube.

“It’s no coincidence that online and offline integration is key to improving and centralizing the customer experience. Stores are increasingly becoming places where emotions must be fully expressed.

“Immersive rooms, digital mirrors, touchpoints, smart tables and the multiple installations found in stores are highly advanced devices capable of evoking consumer empathy and emotional engagement.”

“I would like to thank Dolce&Gabbana for choosing to partner with M-Cube: the immersive room we have created is the emblem of how digital tools can bring to life and represent emotions.”

Betty K. Park