Eclectic with a touch of eccentric

A beautiful house is often the result of a successful marriage between the owner and his interior designer. However, for the match to be successful, both parties must show commitment to their shared design goals, respect differing aesthetics, respect budget constraints, and the ability to execute and bring a vision to life. The practice of Mumbai-based interior design firm Quirk Studio thrives on this premise.

“Our design approach is constantly evolving and broadly can be described as contemporary, modern and minimalist, with a touch of eccentricity. We steer clear of trends and labels and instead embrace our authentic design sensibilities, the personality of clients and the narrative demanded by the site, resulting in fluid spaces without any particular design aesthetic embedded,” share Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, lead designers and co-founders of the company.

This is evident in their varied projects across the country and abroad. Through a practice that spans the design of homes, offices, and other private spaces, Quirk Studio has evolved with each client, while adhering to its core values ​​of creating spaces that evoke comfort and act as ways of self-expression. Each project is therefore distinctive and meets the needs and specifications of each.

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Take, for example, the hushed, welcoming tones of newly married actors Anushka Ranjan and Aditya Seal’s home in Mumbai; or the luxurious marble facade of The Mill Project, an office in Erode, Tamil Nadu. The House of Weaves, a family home in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla complex, home to three generations, is another personal favorite of designers for its “tapestry of emotions and grounded ethic that stems from the identity of its people”.

Bhavsar studied interior design and Ajmera felt the call of this profession later in life, however, both say an understanding of design came naturally to them. They met while working for a major publishing house in India. Before long, they were exchanging design notes and had discovered common aesthetic sensibilities and a passion for impacting the built environment through design. This mutual enthusiasm led to the launch of their boutique design business Quirk Studio in 2013.

The founders of Quirk Studio, Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera.

“Over the years, our desire to create experiential spaces that enhance the user experience, inspire them and leave a deep and lasting impression has been our main motivation. Once we started working in this industry, we loved being able to channel our creative energies into people’s homes and workspaces and see our designs come to life. The feeling is rewarding and fuels our motivation to excel,” says Bhavsar.

The Quirk Studio team is a big believer in straying from trends. Therefore, they do not look to the West for inspiration or sourcing of materials and prefer to work with locally available resources, a task they claim to be easy due to the abundant culture. and the design sensitivities of the local design context in India.

Ajmera candidly shares, “We draw inspiration from the spaces and environments around us, passionately collect experiences as we travel, study art in all disciplines to ground and inspire us. »

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Betty K. Park