Forced to go local, the interior design sector faces the heat | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The interior design industry in India is facing multiple challenges in quality, cost and schedule following the Covid pandemic.
Forced to source materials and products locally to replace goods that were previously imported from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, Indian manufacturers are beginning to invest in research and development (R&D) to match the fit and finish offered by imported products.
“The shift to local sourcing of furniture, designer pieces, decorative pieces and other products has given Indian manufacturers a boost. They also realized the need to upgrade technology and engage in R&D. Although they are doing their best to resolve the quality issues, the costs have increased and so has the schedule, as we are not producing goods in the type of volume that China produces. While it has become 20% more expensive to redevelop interiors, the time frame has doubled,” said Ajit Jain, president of ABID, an association of architects, builders, interior designers and allied trade. .
While furniture, design elements, decorative pieces and household items were imported from China, handicrafts came from Thailand and Sri Lanka. “Goods imported from these countries ensured quick delivery of projects and excellent workmanship. However, durability was an issue. We are now trying to ensure that home-grown products that are more durable have a better finish. However, until they are produced in adequate volumes, the timing challenge will remain,” said ABID Treasurer, Sandeep Gupta.

Betty K. Park