German Interior Minister denounces pro-Palestinian “anti-Semitic” demonstrations in Berlin

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march through Berlin, the German capital. Photo: Screenshot.

The German Interior Minister on Saturday strongly condemned two pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Berlin where participants chanted slogans advocating violence against the State of Israel.

“We are resolutely opposed to any form of anti-Semitism and hatred of the State of Israel,” said Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. Picture Sunday newspaper. “There is no place for that in society and no tolerance [for it] anything.”

During the first demonstration in the Kreuzberg district of the German capital, demonstrators chanted “Yalla intifada, from Hanau to Gaza!” The reference to “Hanau” concerned the mass shooting by a neo-Nazi of nine people who spent the evening of February 20, 2020 in “shisha” bars in the town of Hanau, near Frankfurt. All of those murdered in this shocking frenzy are of immigrant background.

Faeser expressed anger at mention of the Hanau atrocity during a protest defaming the Jewish state.

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February 21, 2022 2:01 p.m.

“No one can be allowed to instrumentalize or appropriate the horrific racist murders in Hanau,” she said. “The answer to Hanau can only be more humanity, more cohesion and more tolerance.”

During the second protest in the Wedding neighborhood, some participants waved the flags of Samidoun, an organization in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners reported links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization. The rally that followed heard speeches from supporters of the anti-Zionist “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) campaign. The campaign was called “anti-Semitic” in a May 2019 resolution by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, backed by parties from the left, center and right.

Separately, a parliamentarian expressed irritation that the Berlin Senate did not ban Saturday’s demonstrations.

“It is not the first time that anti-Semites have been able to agitate against the Jewish state in the streets of our capital,” said Christoph Ploss of the conservative CDU party. Picture. “The Berlin Senate must therefore now carefully investigate why this event was not canceled while the Jews were being hunted down.”

For the past two years, however, Berlin has banned the annual ‘Quds Day’ march – an Iranian regime-backed march and rally calling for the violent elimination of the State of Israel held in several cities across Europe. and North America.

The move followed disturbing scenes during the march when it was last held in Berlin in April 2019. More than 2,000 anti-Israel protesters gathered near the Brandenburg Gate, chanting anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist slogans and telling counter-protesters: “Hitler must come back and kill the rest of the Jews.

Last Friday, statistics released by the Federal Interior Ministry showed a 30% increase in attacks targeting Jews in 2021, with more than 3,000 anti-Semitic crimes reported. Nearly half of the incidents (1,306) occurred in the second quarter of last year, during the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip which witnessed anti-Semitic violence accompanying ‘Free Palestine’ protests in worldwide.

Betty K. Park