Get inspired by interior entryways to make your home more welcoming

A welcoming space, a meeting space. Upon entering your home, the foyer, or hearth, is the first place in the home to make an impression and welcome guests. As a pathway, hearths were once used as a pathway for laborers moving from rural life to the city, especially in post-World War II France. Nowadays you may see more authentic areas decorated with plants, flowers, seats, mirrors or artwork and pictures. While remaining functional, the fireplace should also express your personal style. According JD Institute of Fashion Technology, some of the best interior design styles are modern, contemporary, industrial and traditional. From these, you can branch out to other specific types like coastal/nautical, farmhouse, rustic, mid-century, bohemian, or something a little more eclectic.

How to create a warm atmosphere at the entrance of your house? From grand staircases to smaller, quaint passageways, there are plenty of ways to add a welcoming feeling to your entryway or interior hall. Make a statement with a large mirror, sculpture or distinguished chandelier, or furnish a rustic console table or hall tree with hooks to hang bags, coats and other accessories. You can also consider enhancing the atmosphere with natural light, fresh flowers and plants in prominent locations. Whatever your style, you can keep it simple or go big. Keep reading to discover new ways to make your entryway more inviting!

Bold color choices

Attractive, bright or bold colors are an option to make your entryway more memorable, especially when applied to an accent wall as shown above. Whether dark or light, the color added to the walls of the foyer will stand out significantly. This dark greenish gray blends well with the white door and trim, including the brown brick facade.

Elegant wallpaper

From pattern to floral designs, accent one wall or the entire foyer space with a decorative wallpaper design. This modern, neutral hallway looks welcoming and relaxed with a humble gray geometric pattern paired with a sofa and decor.

Personal touches

Tell a story about who you and your family are through decorative items perhaps from your travels, work, or studies, including antiques and artwork. Frame your favorite quote and display it on the wall or table as pictured above. Here motivational words are stylized with a plant and vintage style portable clock.

declaration piece

Showcase your favorite piece in the entryway of your home. From art sculptures and statues to other art figures, including columns and vases, put it on a pedestal. This image features a unique ball-shaped sculpture in a hall entrance that coincides with the abstract painting above, which simultaneously express their presence.

distinguished chandelier

Whether sculptural or sparkling, a stunning chandelier will captivate any audience that enters your home. Seen here is a true work of art type light fixture that features large round bulbs floating inside clear cubes. Geometric in nature, the color and simplicity of the chandelier is warm and welcoming, as it could complement a modern or rustic foyer.

Accentuate the staircase

If you have a spacious hall with a medium to tall staircase, let it shine. Simplify the elements and decor of the surrounding area as the colors of the steps contrast with the entire space. In the photo, rich brown wooden steps stand out amidst the simple, neutral palette. You can also include a detailed railing.

Centered round table

A centered entryway table makes a great conversation piece as well as the perfect place to set down your essentials as you walk through the door. For entryways with ample room to walk around, add a distinguished round table. You can enhance it with flower vase or art sculpture as pictured.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are decorative and ingenious. Not only do they help us track our appearance, but they also help capture and enhance the natural light in a space. Whether it’s one large mirror or many, you can use focus with this reflective art. The large mirror pictured above has multiple sections for a split look.

Alluring floor tiles

Captivate your guests with attractive patterned flooring. Whether it’s tile, wood, laminate, vinyl or anything else, distinguish a color and a style. You can choose a decorative Moroccan tile or a timeless herringbone or herringbone pattern. Beloved for centuries, a classic choice is the black and white checkerboard as seen here, as it can look both old-fashioned and modern.

A durable mat

With lots of foot traffic, you could showcase a large, hard-wearing rug in a spacious entryway. Pictured here is a traditional fireplace with minimal decor that makes the floor and area rug stand out significantly.

A cozy fireplace

Often used in European-style homes, a fireplace is a warm and welcoming feature to have in your home because all come from the cold. Pictured here is a modern lodge-style entryway amidst a wintry scene with a lit fireplace and stacked cut wood on hand.

Make it comfortable

Gather others with plenty of seating. Depending on the space in your household and possibly the size of your family, you may want to incorporate additional upholstered chairs, including a bench or an upholstered couch. This entry features a built-in style window sofa/bench laden with plenty of comfy pillows for you to wait and rest for a while.

Chest of drawers or chest of drawers

Chests of drawers are no longer for clothes. A distinctive dresser or chest is a nice addition to your hall or foyer, providing a place to rest personal items, display decor, or store occasional necessities in drawers. Pictured here is a vintage style dressing table with various storage while decorated with tulips and accents.

layer of light

Emphasize the light. Take advantage of nearby windows at the entrance to your home while installing supplemental lighting to create a bright, welcoming glow. Raise the blinds, open the blinds, then add lamps or lanterns. This grand staircase pictured above features recessed lighting with an illuminating chandelier to lead the way.

art gallery wall

Give your guests and family something to gaze upon as they enter and leave by displaying several of your favorite works of art along the wall. Cover the stair wall or opposite partition with several framed pictures or artwork that ultimately represent your style and home. This collection of images works with common colors and a natural scheme.

Balance the Elements

From everyday functional pieces to decorative displays, fill your entryway space with layers. You can include tables, coat rack, hooks, mirror, dresser, rug, chairs/furniture, umbrella stand or whatever is needed to complete the scene. This simple, bohemian-inspired entryway balances the necessary elements for the small space, including plant greenery.

announce color

Establish the style of your home from the moment you enter. Is it bohemian, contemporary, seaside/coastal, rustic or traditional? Set the mood with the right mix of colors and textures in accents and furniture. This entry presents a modern and minimalist approach. While keeping clean lines and neutral colors, a mirror and table are essential with some artwork displayed in the hallway.

Coat rack with bench

If you have a large space or a smaller one that lacks extra storage space, consider a hall tree that features a bench. Ideal for a modern farmhouse mudroom, enter from the outside to remove boots, jackets and other accessories, while providing a comfortable space for guests to hang their items like this inviting blue design.

A transitional space

Display a clear transition between the foyer and adjacent areas by designating a specific pattern or tile to separate it from the rest of the home. This modern home features understated gray tiling in the middle of the entryway and staircase with a contrasting beige chevron-style design for the living room and beyond.

Local pattern

Do you live in the woods, at the beach, in the city or out west? Showcase your home’s climate and/or geographic location through various artwork and decor, including interior structure or furnishings. Pictured is an antler chandelier that can suit a rustic cabin or an eclectic design.

Architectural Highlights

An ark is like a portal to another world. Whether elegant or provincial, an arched wall adds intrigue as guests journey through successive areas of the home. In the photo above, a classic porch in a grand foyer features a highlight image and an additional arch with a plant.

Keep it updated

Update and change colors and themes for seasons and holidays. For Christmas, put up small or large evergreens and change holiday pillows as pictured above. As small or extravagant, you can also wrap and hang garlands and stockings around a stair railing, including decorating with ribbons, wreaths, gifts or firewood.

direct the flow

If you have an open plan space with no limitations, you can build a wall or partition to distinguish the fireplace from the surrounding areas. Dividing other areas of the entry hall will keep the flow of your home more inviting and exclusive. The teal wall seen here adds disguise and intrigue to what sits around the corner.

clear a path

Straight lines symbolize a clear, direct path like the long red runner pictured above. The arrangement of a runner in a narrow hall will motivate visitors to keep moving forward. Consider the texture of the carpet and whether it’s comfortable but easy to walk on if it’s going to receive a lot of foot traffic.

Inviting essence

The scents are powerful. They can make us happy, relaxed or bring back certain memories. Candles and flowers are great ways to enhance the essence of your entryway while including their aesthetic. Some popular scents may be cinnamon, vanilla, citrus, or pine. As for flowers and plants, choose gardenias, jasmine, lavender or orchids, as seen above.

Betty K. Park