Havenly Interior Design Review 2022

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  • I tried online interior design service Havenly to update my living room.
  • I recently moved into a new apartment and needed inspiration for a common space.
  • The process was so easy that I plan to use it again for my bedroom.

As a recent college graduate, I’ve moved half a dozen times over the past few years and accumulated a fairly random assortment of furniture. Now that I work from home, I wanted to redo the living room of my current apartment.

I used Havenly, an online interior design service, to create a living room layout with mostly new furniture. The process was simple, pleasant, and quick, and the results included everything I was looking for.

I also spoke to Havenly CEO and co-founder Lee Mayer about starting the company. As she tried to furnish and decorate her home, she discovered that traditional interior design was expensive and required people to walk in and out of her home.

Mayer said Havenly’s goal is to be accessible, transparent and easy to use for anyone looking to revamp their home. “In a lot of ways what we’re trying to do is create a way to give you a space that feels like you but hopefully a lot higher and a lot better,” she said.

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Pricing and Tiers

Image of a screenshot of the pricing tiers offered by Havenly for the Havenly 2022 exam

I tried the Havenly Full package for an entire room design.


You can choose from two different design packages. The first is Havenly Mini ($99), which is for those looking for some furniture or decor. The other option is the Havenly Full ($179), which includes a full room makeover, and that’s the package I used for my living room.

Both packages include multiple concepts and you’ll suggest revisions to get a final design, along with a curated shopping list of all the furniture.

Although both packages are similar, the full level includes more furniture since it is a full room makeover. The larger package also includes layout visualizations and a floor plan so you know exactly where to place your new furniture and decor.

The process

Once I chose my package, I took the style quiz to give me an idea of ​​what types of design I like the most. The quiz told me that my main design style is mid-century modern with Scandinavian, bohemian and global sub-styles. I love mid-century modern furniture, so the results didn’t surprise me.

Image of a screenshot of the pricing tiers offered by Havenly for the Havenly 2022 exam

I tried the Havenly Full package for an entire room design.


The next part of the quiz asked what my budget was, what state I live in, what type of house I live in, whether I rent or own, and some questions about timing. I was then paired with a designer to start my project.

For the bedroom profile, I uploaded 11 photos of my living room and took a photo of the black velvet sofa that I wanted to keep and incorporate into the new design. I also had to measure the room with a tape measure and provide a loose (very poorly sketched) layout of the floor plan I wanted.

image of a screenshot of the chamber profile for the Havely 2022 exam

I uploaded pictures of my current living room with and without furniture as well.


I picked out my wish list of furniture, including artwork, side tables, side chairs, a coffee table, and a media console. I have rated the thumbnail art photos from one to five stars. I did the same for color palettes and materials, although it was optional. I then added my budget. Looking back, $1000 wasn’t realistic for the amount of furniture I was looking for.

The best part of the room profile is that you can make it as detailed and specific as you want. There are many optional boxes to add information about where the room is going, what it will be used for, if you already have furniture in mind, etc. I recommend being detailed from the start as it will save you time in the future.

After completing the room profile, I received a message that I was guaranteed to have the first three room concepts within three business days. Three days later, my designer sent me the designs, which I rated and commented on. I liked parts of all three models and explained what worked for me and what didn’t. I received another message right after saying that I would get the next design, “The Concept”, in four days.

screenshot image of three bedroom ideas for havely exam 2022

I rated these three designs and added comments on what I liked and disliked about each.


“The Concept” is the penultimate design. It arrived just in time and I was blown away by the details. My designer added a note that we were over budget, but I knew my original figure was unrealistic. However, my designer found cheaper chairs similar to the expensive originals.

I added a few more notes and was told I would have my final design, with a layout of the new furniture in my space, within a week. It was over the holidays, so my designer let me know there would be a delay.

image of a screenshot of my living room concept design for Havely Review 2022

I was thrilled to see that my dog ​​was added to the design concept.


The final design

A week later I received my final design and was impressed with what it captured. All my requests and adjustments had been executed and I was delighted with the results. My designer added details about things I own, including artwork and a plant stand. Even my dog ​​was lying on the couch. Looking at the design, it felt like home.

Image of a screenshot of the final design of a living space for the Havely 2022 exam

My designer added personal touches, like the Moulin Rouge poster and the black plant stand that I already own.


I also received a 3D image of space; it was fun to see the furniture and space come to life in a realistic photo.

3D image of living room furniture for Havely 2022 review

This photo is so realistic and includes the exact shape of my windows and the pattern of my rug.


The total was around $2,700 for everything I wanted on my list, which didn’t shock me even though I had gone over my original budget. The shopping list provided by my designer had several accent chair options in a range of price points, and I could purchase anything included in the final design with the click of a button.

I had no problems with the final concept, but my designer was willing to make any changes I requested. Communication between my designer and the Havenly system was flawless and timelines were on point. The process was easy and I ended up having fun organizing a dream salon.

Image of a screenshot of the final design of a living space for the Havely 2022 exam

My designer made all the changes I wanted and her communication was amazing.


Tips for getting the most out of your experience

Mayer said honesty is one of the most important aspects of working with an interior designer. Working with an interior designer can be daunting, but Havenly designers are trained to take feedback to make the process collaborative. “If you hate the color purple, we won’t use the color purple even though it’s trendy,” Mayer said.

Designs may not always have everything you’re looking for right away, so it helps to learn what you don’t like. “What we’re really hoping to get out of this is a space that really reflects each of you and what you want in your space,” Mayer said.

I didn’t want to offend my designer with my comments, but I also didn’t want to end up with a design I didn’t like. Being upfront worked well because my designer was extremely helpful and walked me through all of my options in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.

At the end of the line

Image of a screenshot of the shopping list for my newly designed living room space for the Havely 2022 exam

Anything included in a design can be purchased directly from Havenly.


Using Havenly to design my living room was incredibly easy and enjoyable. My designer was kind and caring, adding personalized touches that made the experience all the more interesting. I’m moving again in a few months and can’t wait to use Havenly for my room. Next time I will add more details to my room profile at the beginning and set a higher and more realistic budget.

If you’re like me and can’t afford to buy everything on your shopping list at once, it’s always worth having the inspiration and ideas you can keep forever. I definitely plan on using it for all of my rooms at some point, even the ones that don’t need a full makeover.

Betty K. Park