Help me start my interior design business!

I started my interior design business in 2019 and worked on four small projects. I work alone, but I would like to have a team one day. My creative approach is influenced by my colorful upbringing in the Middle East, my love of travel and collecting just about anything! Each project is tailored to the client using a range of antique and contemporary furniture, lighting, colorful fabrics and artwork. I hate throwing things away and I love reusing old furniture bringing it back to life by painting and redecorating it.

After a degree in print textile design, I started working in the fashion industry, interning with Georgia Hardinge and Anya Hindmarch. I then worked in three companies in the Chelsea design center, working in the interiors but not in the design aspect. I wanted to start something creative!

My mother loves design, so I grew up in a very colorful and creative home. I’ve always had a love for interiors and always had fun decorating my room growing up, with treasures I found at thrift stores and garage sales. I finally took an interior design course at KLC a few years ago!

Since the pandemic, I’ve seen people invest more in their homes, especially with the ability to work from home. Everyone deserves a home they love and where they feel good and comfortable. And I don’t think a small budget should discourage people! The idea of ​​having an interior designer can be quite daunting, but I’d like to make it affordable. Whether it’s revamping a room with the items you already have or recycling the items you already have.

I would like to start an interior design studio that offers design ideas to people with any budget. Starting with completing an online questionnaire, then designing room diagrams / mood boards with budget in mind. The client can either take this mood board and create the space themselves using the ideas I have given them. Or they may decide that they would like me to draw possible room layouts, order, and arrange for delivery of items using my trade discounts. And finally, clients with a bigger budget can ask me to do the complete design project for them.

With the money I am asking to raise, I would like to invest in my website so people can get advice on room design and furniture placement, where to order upholstery and make it user friendly. I would also like to do advice blogs and download free tutorials.

Betty K. Park