Here’s why the Bentley Mulliner Batur has the most exquisite interior ever

Bentley Engines recently unveiled the Mulliner Batur – a new two-door grand touring coupe limited to 18 production units that previews Bentley’s upcoming design language for electric vehicles. The car was created by design director Andreas Mindt and his team, and is the latest project from Bentley’s in-house bespoke and bodywork division, Mulliner.

It succeeds the Bentley Bacalar – a series of 12 individually specified, designed and handcrafted Barchettas that revived Bentley bodywork. The car’s name is derived from Lake Batur, a 288-foot-deep crater lake in Kintamani on the island of Bali, Indonesia, which provides nutrient-rich water for local hot springs and agriculture.

The Mulliner Batur is touted as the most powerful Bentley to date, with the iconic hand-assembled 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine that has metaphorically powered Bentley’s success over the past two decades. But what really wins our hearts is the interior which is exquisite in every way.

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Bentley Mulliner Batur has a truly bespoke cabin

Inside, the Batur’s two-seat interior space will come with an array of bespoke options. The manufacturer says Batur’s interior was inspired by the successful interior design of the Bacalar, and builds on its core elements of cabin design and adds new sustainable luxury features.

Several elements can be tailored to customer preference including low carbon leather sourced from Scotland which travels a significantly shorter distance than leather sourced from outside the UK, sustainably tanned leather from Italy, in five different colors, and Dinamica, a suede alternative. as a durable material to leather.

The interior also sports a new material for Bentley – Natural Fiber Composite, which is a sustainable alternative to carbon fiber. Available in a 2×2 twill weave and finished in satin lacquer, the Natural Fiber composite brings a new durable texture to the cabin. The latest sustainable elements are rugs, which are leather-matched and made from recycled yarns.

The interior of the Batur launch has been hand-trimmed in a combination of black, red and orange – specifically, Beluga, Hotspur and Hyperactive. The Beluga main skin contrasts with the new, even more durable, low CO2 Mulliner Hyperactive Orange leather.

Dash, fascia and door veneers are painted gloss black, with a Fine Brodgar “guitar fade” flowing from the fascias to the doors, before returning to black. The fairing is completed with a unique work of art – a laser etched sound wave, which represents the unique sound generated by the W12 engine.

The interior’s metallic elements are a mix of black anodized aluminum and satin-brushed titanium, complemented by a hallmarked 18k gold Bentley Dynamic Drive selector and steering wheel center stripe at 12 o’clock.

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The Mulliner Batur is beautiful on the outside too

Announced the name of the game when it comes to the new Batur. The company offers a plethora of paint choices – starting with the full Mulliner color palette and going beyond in fully bespoke paint and even hand-painted graphics.

The aerodynamic additions of the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser can be made from both carbon fiber or a new durable natural fiber composite.

Exterior shiny items can be any mix of clear and dark, satin or shiny, or even titanium. As with the first car, another option is a graduated contrast color on the front grille, for a vibrant shadow effect.

The Batur sits on unique 22-inch wheels, the “standard” option being painted in Crystal Black, then machined and surface polished. A darker option combines dark gloss faces with satin spokes, while customers can also choose to paint the wheels to match the body with or without a contrast finish or choose a different contrast color.

The bodywork is highlighted by carbon fiber front splitters, side skirts and a rear diffuser painted in crystal black. The ‘endless bonnet’ line is finished in Satin Titanium paint, as are the 22-inch wheels – with Satin Dark Titanium spokes matching the grille.

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Mulliner Batur is powered by the Mighty W12

The Batur is powered by the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Bentley – the 6.0-litre W12 that launched Bentley’s renaissance with the Continental GT in 2002. It has always been hand-built in the neutral factory carbon from Bentley in Crewe, England.

The Batur receives a new intake system, improved turbochargers, new intercoolers and a thorough recalibration with over 740 PS and 1000 Nm of torque. Bentley says this engine was developed to celebrate its 20-year achievement, during which time it was developed to produce almost 40% more power while fuel economy improved by 25%.

The W12 is mated to Bentley’s eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The entire exhaust system is titanium, while the finishers are 3D printed in titanium, a first for Bentley.

As Bentley heads into the age of electrification, the W12 is entering its twilight years. Before its retirement, this engineering masterpiece deserves praise, and the Batur is the perfect place for the ultimate performance development of the W12. Plus, the fact that it comes with such a gorgeous design, both inside and out, makes it one of our favorite Bentleys of recent times.

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Betty K. Park