Home decor produced sustainably at FESPA’s Printeriors

Printeriors 2022 at FESPA will feature a comprehensive showcase of sustainably produced home décor, with a focus on applications made using environmentally responsible processes and ethically sourced materials. Deluxe Partners Drytac, HP and Kornit will bring a range of environmentally friendly innovations.

Printeriors includes seven themed areas decorated using nature-inspired designs by artist Jasper Goodall. The feature is designed to provide “an immersive visual and tactile experience that encourages visitors to touch and feel, and to actively use the space for networking conversations or relaxing,” says FESPA.

Two new themes have been introduced for 2022 – Nature’s Canopy and Surface Micro – both tied to the ethos of sustainability, while introducing new elements of surface interest and texture.

Printeriors 2022 will be a diverse collection of digitally printed apps, the result of collaboration with 30 partners. The showcase includes textiles, wallcoverings, floor graphics, window films, printed rugs, rugs and cushions, leathers, ceramics, metal and lenticular artworks, decorative panels. display, decorated table tops, art prints, lighting and light boxes and acoustic fabric walls.

FESPA 2021 2 800x532 printers

“The focus on sustainability at this year’s Printeriors reflects its growing importance in the home decor and fashion industries,” said FESPA Textile Ambassador and Printeriors Curator Debbie McKeegan. “The pandemic has heightened our collective focus on our natural environment and brands find themselves responding to growing consumer demand for products with reduced environmental impact.

“Meanwhile, traditional supply chains involving offshore mass production, warehousing and long-distance transportation are being replaced by local, just-in-time, small-batch production, with increased use of technology. digital to personalize and personalize. Durability, sustainability and circularity are the new buzzwords in decorating, and a visit to Printeriors in Berlin will demonstrate that stunning, multi-sensory interiors can be created while preserving our planet.


Luxury partners Drytac, HP and Kornit will bring a range of eco-friendly innovations to Printeriors in Berlin.

Printed glass films with embedded textures from Drytac were used to embellish the mirrors, with other vinyl products featured on the floors, walls and display signage.

HP’s 800W Latex Printer was used to produce layers of white ink to create new decorative surface effects, in addition to the textiles, wallcoverings and graphics seen across the seven collections.

The Surface Micro area includes several textile applications printed by Kornit on organic materials using its waterless NeoPigment technology, as well as XDi 3D applications such as gold textures.

The Tropical Neons and Surface Micro themes feature printed leathers produced by Premium Partner Brother, while the Cacti Geos and Organic Flora areas will shine with neon printed wallcoverings from Mimaki.

Other contributing partners include Agfa, Ava Cad/Cam, Canon, Chromaluxe, Durst, SwissQPrint, CMYUK, Dufaylite, EFI, EFKA, Eye 4 Colour, Imageco, John Mark, Pongs, Premier Digital Textiles, PressOn, RA Smart, Sentec International, Veika Dimense and Zimmer.

Logo FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 300x300Free guided tours of Printeriors are available at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on the first three days of the show and at 11:00 a.m. on the last day.

Host Debbie McKeegan will explain the design process, production methodology, and the materials and digital technologies used to make all of the products on display. To learn more about Printeriors and to register for a free tour, visit: https://www.fespaglobalprintexpo.com/why-visit/printeriors

To learn more about FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 and to register, visit: https://www.fespaglobalprintexpo.com/

Admission is free for members of a national FESPA or FESPA Direct association. The cost of entry is €50.00 for non-members who pre-register with the code FESM238 before May 25.

Betty K. Park