Home Decorating Tips: Closet Colors That Maintain Your Home’s Aesthetic

The right color palette can dramatically change the mood of the home and artists and designers seem to be pushing color boundaries more than ever as colors are now being used much more expressively regardless of harmonies or rules. of traditional colors, using a variety of ‘strong’, ‘shiny’ and ‘unrelated’ colors on clothing, furniture, interiors, exteriors, ceremonial and more. The interior decorating and interior design experts suggest white or natural wood furniture will keep the feel timeless as the warm neutral hues have a grounding and soothing effect and charm this shade exudes an unassuming allure that pairs beautifully with so many others color palettes.

Others recommend that if you can’t decide on a particular color, go for pastel shades of yellow or light cream, as these tones not only provide a sense of tranquility, but also help us achieve success. in all areas of life from pastel colors. are known for their soothing aura and bring a fresh touch to the overall home theme. Whether it’s art, fashion or decoration, some colors make you work hard while others give a sense of relaxation and peace, but all colors have the power to change our mood and turn confusion into clarity or fear into self-confidence or set the scene. for an escapist approach with candy tones like pink, turquoise and lavender that are eye-pleasing and perfectly in place with the summer vibes of the pastel trend.

Speaking about wardrobe colors in an interview with HT Lifestyle, Khanindra Burman, CEO and co-founder of Wurfel, said, “It’s a design trend to keep the wardrobe away from the bedroom in as a separate walk-in space. However, the majority of our wardrobes are still part of our rooms. A cabinet is a technically larger product in size and shape. Therefore, the color palette and the pattern become extremely important from a design perspective. The design aesthetics of a wardrobe is extremely important for the complete interior of the room.

He added: “Most of the time we make the wardrobe color blend in with the other part of the room, so it doesn’t look like a big box. Wardrobe door design treatments can make your bedroom look very exclusive. As we know, using mirrors on doors can make your space look much bigger, likewise, using mixed colors makes it an integral part of the space. Currently, fluted treatments, fabric finishes and ventilated doors are in vogue around the world. Fluted finishes can be fluted glass or veneer and lacquered panels with different fluted patterns. We can also see a lot of tinted glass finishes on a black aluminum frame as a global trend. Finally, don’t conceive of your closet just as a place of storage, but look at it from a utilitarian point of view where you can add your walk-in closet, work space, reading space, or sitting area.

Elaborating on the same, Ashley, Business Manager at Newton Inex, revealed, “Multifunctional storage and space has always been in high demand when it comes to wardrobe designs, but with that, experimentation colors has been a growing trend among customers. when it comes to choosing the cabinet according to the environment of the room. Monotonous colors are a thing of the past. The best bet for a good wardrobe color will always be to play around with the color combination of the key room/furniture to build synergy and overall balance.”

He advised: “Natural or neutral inspired wardrobe colors are also a safe playground if your room has multiple colors so an overall balance can be created. If you have a room with a minimalist design, experimenting with patterns and patterns on the wardrobe instead of a flat color can also be a great idea, as these patterns can accentuate the overall look of the room and make it stand out. .

Betty K. Park