Home interior design tips: Check out these ideas for a new work-from-home setup

We have emerged from the lockdowns induced by the Covid-19 pandemic with a modified approach to our working lives where many have adopted a work from home or just anywhere attitude. Yet remote working means spending a significant portion of our working hours in the comfort of our homes, but if our lifestyles have quickly adapted to this rapid change, so should our spaces.

While functionality is a prerequisite for a work-from-home setup, the key challenge is creating something as aesthetically pleasing. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Suman Sharma, Director and Business Leader at Mangrove Collective, said: “An ergonomic and comfortable chair and study desk, although essential for long periods of sitting without harming the body, should also allow for a varied range of motion to facilitate labor. In addition, the desk design should provide sufficient storage space for chargers, cables, documents, stationery, etc., within easy reach, while keeping the work area clutter-free, allowing for efficient organization. .

She added, “Situating the facility so that it receives natural light helps increase productivity and brings the space to life. Incorporating a modern table lamp and some indoor plants adds vibrancy and visual interest to the workspace. Whether furnished in a traditional or contemporary style, a home office need not be limited by design constraints. One can inject a playful and personal touch into the space with artifacts, photographs or other keepsakes. It helps to create an intimate nook that one would look forward to occupying every day.

Echoing the same, Priyanka Singh, Director of VO Living, said: “After the pandemic, working from home has become an essential part of our lives. Bringing new age work from home setup with a well-lit nook, comfortable lumbar support chair, and ergonomic desk is perfect for transforming your bedroom and a window with a view can uplift and provide much-needed work motivation .

For many of us, the hybrid work-from-home system has become an integral part of our lives. Suggesting ideas for the same, Sajal Lamba, co-founder and director of Writer, said: “While initially we had to make the most of the facilities we had, new-age owners now prefer have a private facility to boost their productivity and support their work-life balance. Apart from the aesthetics of a room, furniture is the most crucial element providing comfort in a home office and an ergonomic desk and task chair are essential in this regard.

She recommended: “The desk should be designed to ensure that the user does not have to stretch or slouch and is seated at the ideal height. Ergonomically unsanitary furniture causes an accumulation of discomfort and stress in the body, affecting an individual’s well-being. On the other hand, ergonomically comfortable furniture is conducive to better productivity and good body posture that makes you happy and satisfied.

According to Anupriya Sahu, Founder and Head of Design at MP’s Alankaram, “An important prerequisite for a work from home setup is the design of the furniture layout. Since the idea is to create a home office, the most used office furniture should be placed in the space to serve as a starting point for the design. The list will necessarily include a comfortable chair and a table.

Emphasizing that once the essentials are known, it is necessary to take into account the ergonomics of the furniture, she underlined: “Conditions at home differ from those in an office and it is therefore vital to having structurally sound and ergonomically viable furniture that is suitable for long working hours. . The back of the chair should be tilted at a right angle, and the height of the table according to the chair. Ideal ergonomic furniture can facilitate comfortable working hours with proper neck and shoulder support and a backrest to help the natural curve of the spine.

Anupriya Sahu advised, “Although it is recommended not to sit for hours at a time, one should be mindful while sitting to maintain a sitting depth of two to four inches from the back. knees. It is also essential to pay attention to elements such as the foam base and the tufted finish of the chair and always opt for breathable natural fabrics.

Betty K. Park