How to Choose the Perfect Pillow, According to Interior Designers

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Tossing and turning choosing the right pillows to spruce up your bedroom? Rest assured, you are not alone. Whether you’re trying to create an aura of relaxation in the boudoir or find something more supportive than your current set, the best pillows can help you feel great while you close your eyes in any sleeping position. that you prefer.

“Bedrooms are one of the rooms in which we try to let our guests’ personal preferences guide our ideas and design,” Jillian Hayward Schaible, co-founder of Interiors by Susan Hayward in Milton, Massachusetts, says Mental Floss. “It’s such an intimate space in the house, and it’s so important to understand how it’s going to be used and whether they would like the room to be calming or more energizing.”

According to Brittany Farinas, creative director of the Miami-based interior design firm house of one, choosing pillows can also be one of the funnest parts of decorating, although she generally advises against using more than five in any given area. “Too many pillows can overwhelm the space,” she says. Instead, Farinas recommends putting “your largest pillows on your bed or the largest surfaces you have available” and then tossing the smaller ones on a chair or lounge chair.

For more information on how to buy pillows and transform your favorite pieces using them, check out these expert tips below.

You do not know where to start ? “Determining the pillow’s function will dictate what size, shape, and material would work best for the space,” says Hayward Schaible. If you’re shopping with comfort in mind, Hayward Schaible recommends avoiding pillows that feature beads, sequins, or other rough fabrics. Conversely, if you suffer from back or shoulder discomfort, an office chair pillow that provides ample lumbar support would be ideal. “There are so many options for pillows, and it’s so important to feel the support of the cushion as well as the material of the fabric – it will really pull the design together and make your choices both beautiful and functional,” adds- she.

But comfort and support aren’t the only factors that go into choosing pillows. “Nothing adds interest or personality like a pillow. It’s art for the couch or the bed,” says Nancy Boughton of Nancy Boughton Interiors in Andover, Massachusetts. She recommends using color and texture to add a touch of personality to each one you choose, an approach echoed by New York owner and lead designer Shoshanna Shapiro. Sho and Co. “Always mix textures and patterns so your pillows have interest, dimension, and style,” she says. For bold looks, Shapiro usually likes to “mix a strong pattern with [a] solid or two soft patterns,” but avoid putting two extremely eye-catching patterns together, as this could overwhelm the overall aesthetic of the room.

When choosing pillows for clients, Shapiro notes that she always asks about their preferences, if any, and if they have allergy– another important thing to keep in mind when thinking about what to buy. “We like to use feathers/down, but check with customers based on allergies,” Shapiro reveals. “If they have allergies, we have our seamstress make a mix of shredded memory foam, latex and polyfill filling. This combo looks the most like fluff [because] you can chop [it] and it won’t flatten out over time.

TURMECOWE goose feather pillows, set of 2 on a white surface.

TURMECOWE Goose feather pillows, set of 2 / TURMECOWE / Amazon

Boughton recommends investing in decent pillows for your sleeping style. Whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, this set of two, each of which is made from gray goose feathers, could be a great option, as they’re designed to give your head, neck and shoulders Additional CCM. As an added benefit, they come with 100% cotton sateen pillowcases that are machine washable for easy care.

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Baskin cotton striped lumbar pillow on a chair.

Baskin / Dakota Fields / Wayfair Cotton Stripe Lumbar Pillow

Designers agree that lumbar pillows are great for the bedroom and even on chairs. They can provide great support and also a touch of personality – for example, this tasselled cotton beauty. It’s handcrafted and features a striped geometric pattern, plus you’ll get the pillow insert with it (so you won’t have to search for one that fits in the removable cover).

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European Cozy Bed Sleep Pillows, Set of 2

European Cozy Bed Sleep Pillows, Set of 2 / Cozy Bed

For a king-size bed, Mary Patton of the Houston-based interior design firm Design by Mary Patton likes to layer four sleeping pillows: two stacked on each side, then topped with a pillowcase. She then adds Euro pillowcases in front of the two piles of pillows. These comfy Euro pillows do the trick and can be used for sleeping or for decorative purposes; they even come with a microfiber cover.

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Kelly Clarkson Home Interlude Square Cotton Cushion Cover

Kelly Clarkson Home Interlude Square Cotton Cushion Cover and Insert / Kelly Clarkson Home / Wayfair

As far as decorative cushions are concerned, Paula Gaull from Redesign of the new sheet in Marblehead, Massachusetts, is another designer who likes to use different types of fabrics and consistencies. “Mixing different textures is a good way to stick with a monochromatic or neutral palette, while adding some visual interest,” she says. This cushion from Kelly Clarkson Home comes in a variety of colors (including neutral hues) and has a sleek, minimalist look, but offers a bit of panache, thanks to its side tassels. Want to make it look even better on your bed or chair? Boughton recommends giving each pillow a “karate cut” at the top to “change the shape and [so] it feels more upscale/dressier.”

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Cheer Collection Shaggy Accent Pillows, Set of 2

Set of 2 Shaggy Cushions from the Cheer Collection / Cheer Collection / Amazon

Another thing Gaull likes to do is mix faux fur or velvet with embroidered, knit or macrame pillows. This set of two plush, overstuffed pillows could be a great investment if you’re looking to follow his lead. Available in 12 colorways and three different sizes, they’re perfect for layering and can add a shabby-chic vibe to your home.

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Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rose Hallmark Floral Cushion on Chair.

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rose Hallmark Floral Throw Pillow / Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse / Wayfair

Functionality is important when it comes to pillows, but sometimes it’s nice to have one that looks this good. This round floral cushion is available in a rainbow of colors and offers an affordable and comfortable choice for a farmhouse bedroom.

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