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DECORING your home in a way that appeals to you aesthetically doesn’t have to cost you much.

Luckily, there’s a way to turn the bathroom trash can into the perfect curtain hack.


A woman on TikTok named Holgarine shares what people can do with paper towels and toilet rollsCredit: Tiktok/all_things_home_with_huk

A TikToker named Holgarine, aka @all_things_home_with_hukposted a great 16 second video with one of the best tips ever.

When you have finished using all your toilet paper and paper towels, the first thing to do would be to throw away the empty rolls.

It turns out that these empty scrolls can be very useful in the world of decoration and interior design.

Holgarine begins her video by cutting empty paper towel rolls into five or six sections.

She doesn’t specify the size of each section, but it’s safe to assume they should be about two or three inches wide.

She throws all the cut pieces of paper towel rolls into a white bin for future use.

When she hangs her white curtain on its gold rod, she separates each curtain ring hole with a piece of chopped paper towel roll.

Chopped paper towel rolls act as dividers on her curtains, creating a more spread out and spacious look.

Some people in Holgarine’s comments section don’t know why she’s doing this, but other people totally appreciate the effort.

According to Holgarine, chopped paper towel rolls serve as perfect dividers for elegant curtains.


According to Holgarine, chopped paper towel rolls serve as perfect dividers for elegant curtains.Credit: Tiktok/all_things_home_with_huk

Someone in their comments section wrote, “Listen! I lower my curtains and I do this! »

Someone else wrote “Someone will create a similar well-designed thing and say they invented it. Just look. It’s a beautiful idea from a beautiful brain.”

Another user added, “I’m so lucky to have stumbled across your page! My house is about to be jazzy! Your creations are beautiful!”

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Holgarine’s video now has over 62,500 likes from people who love her DIY curtain hack idea.

This hack is one of the easiest ways to turn typical junk into treasure and make your home more expensive.

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