Illinois Home For Sale With Sistine Chapel-Like Interior


A home for sale for $1.5 million in Burr Ridge, Illinois has Zillow Gone Wild baffled with its over-the-top interior.

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Everyone has different tastes when it comes to decorating the interior of their home. Some enjoy a cool art deco style while others opt for a more minimalist look – it’s all about choice.

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A choice that the owners of this house for sale for $1.5 million in Burr Ridge, Illinois, took it seriously.

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“Upon entering you are greeted by quartz flooring and a breathtaking custom made hardwood staircase with a beautiful crystal chandelier; large dining room with hand painted wall art; custom-made kitchen with huge island with quartz countertops; stretch ceilings throughout the first and second floor with beautiful design and lightning bolts,” the listing reads on

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Yes, this appears to be a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting.

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Not only does the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home have artwork on the walls that appears to be akin to Michelangelo’s hands-on work in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, but it also has another feature high-end Italian:

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Washable Versace wallpaper.

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Of course, there are other features around the 4,500 square foot home that stand out, according to the listing:

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And the pool is shaped like Cloud Gate, the centerpiece sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

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The house caught the attention of fans on the popular social media page Zillow gone wildsome of which were perplexed by the interior.

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“Everything about this house is just…weird,” one person said.

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“It would make a nice house with a bit of work I think,” another commented.

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“The garish opulence of it all,” one person remarked.

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“Okay, but they have to throw the bear rug,” joked another.

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“Looks like a set of ‘The Righteous Gemstones,'” someone commented, referencing the HBO comedy series.

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“The house itself is beautiful,” said another. “I would redo several walls and the ceiling mural but everything else is really nice.”

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“This corner of the basement reminds me of ‘Cruel Summer’. No thanks,” one person said.

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“Not a bad price for so much house, but I feel like Catholic church meets lousy hotel in Vegas,” another compared.

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And finally …

“All the warmth and comfort of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in your own suburban cul-de-sac.”

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Burr Ridge is about 19 miles southwest of Chicago.

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