I’m a fan of interior design – there’s a color you can add to every room in your home that will instantly transform it

AN interior design expert has revealed that she thinks everyone should add color to every room in their home because she transforms it in an instant.

TikTok home account @lemonleafhomeinteriors, run by Kimberly, says they swear by the color black to make a room stand out and it works everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom.


One interiors fan said black would instantly transform a roomCredit: TikTok/@lemonleafhomeinteriors

Kimberly uploaded a video showing exactly what she meant, as she captioned it: “Just a splash of black background in any space.

“Especially with neutrals, black is just the touch that makes the room complete. Give it a try!”

She then shared a montage of images of houses, demonstrating her theory in action.

First, she focused on a living room decorated in neutral tones. But in the background, there are black photo frames with thin borders next to black lamps.

Later, from another angle, you can also see that there are black cabinets, displaying a variety of different neutral vases, which creates a nice contrast.

Next, Kimberly highlighted another living space where your eyes are immediately drawn to the black framed windows that shape the space.

The third piece that took center stage was a predominantly gray kitchen with a few black accessories dotted throughout.

The Indoor Fan followed that up with a twin bedroom, complete with matching black headboards and black wall art hanging directly above them.

Finally, she focused on a trendy bathroom that had a paneled wall and a neutral wood sink.

However, what really sets it apart from the crowd are its black faucets and sleek black and gold lamps.

And it seems @lemonleafhomeinteriors followers agree with her interior theory, as they said they’re a big fan of all the looks.

One of them replied: “Yes!” Another added: ‘So pretty’ while a third wrote: ‘A must for sure.

Color can be added to every room, from the bedroom to the bathroom


Color can be added to every room, from the bedroom to the bathroomCredit: TikTok/@lemonleafhomeinteriors
Simple black accessories really grab attention


Simple black accessories really grab attentionCredit: TikTok/@lemonleafhomeinteriors

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