I’m an interior design expert – 14 easy ways to make your home more expensive on a budget

YOU don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home expensive. In fact, you don’t need to do much work either.

An interior design expert shared 14 home hacks she used to transform her space on a budget.


YouTube star Shea Whitney shared her budget interior design strategiesCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney

Shea Whitney has 1.44 million subscribers on YouTube, where she shares home decor tips, organization tips and the products she can’t live without.

In a recent video, Whitney gave viewers a glimpse into her own home and showed off the money-saving tools and tricks she uses to make her decor look expensive.

“These ideas are very, very simple,” Whitney said, “but they really elevate your home.”

Her 14 tips are simple and inexpensive, with no time-consuming renovations or expensive DIY projects.

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For starters, Whitney headed outdoors for a hack that will improve your home’s curb appeal.


“If you have a garage door, a cool way to really elevate it and make your home more expensive is to buy door magnets,” Whitney said.

She showed photos of her own garage, which was adorned with magnets that looked like wrought iron details on a shed.

The garage's wrought iron hinges and handle are actually magnets


The garage’s wrought iron hinges and handle are actually magnetsCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney

Magnets are available on Amazon, or online and in-store at other popular retailers.

“You just have to stick them directly on the door and that makes them a lot more expensive,” she explained.


Whitney’s next tip is a must for anyone using mulch in their home landscaping.

“When spring comes around, that’s the annoying time of year when you have to replace the mulch because it looks wilted and dull,” she said.

Or you can use Whitney’s secret tool: mulch dye.

Choose a color that goes well with your landscaping and spray your faded mulch to bring it back to life.

“My God, is it easier and cheaper,” Whitney said.


Moving inside, Whitney offered tips for making your bedroom look like a luxury resort.

“You should always start with your bed. It’s the focal point of your bedroom,” Whitney said.

His advice? “Keep a wooden spatula in your room.”

Whitney uses a wooden spatula to tuck in her sheets for clean lines


Whitney uses a wooden spatula to tuck in her sheets for clean linesCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney

She explained that the quirky tips will help you make the bed and have clean lines in your sheets.

“When you go to an expensive hotel or resort, the sheets are really tight,” she explained. “You need a wooden spatula to tuck in all the edges.”

Hacking also speeds up the bed-making process, Whitney said.


Instead of bedside lamps with switches or knobs, Whitney bought ones with pull cords.

“They’re so convenient,” Whitney said.

Whitney swears by lamps with a pull switch


Whitney swears by lamps with a pull switchCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney

In the middle of the night, she finds it much easier to reach for traction than to reach out and try to find a less obvious switch.

“It’s incredibly convenient, but it looks more expensive,” she said.


Whitney covers her tissue boxes with a white faux leather cover to match her home decor.

During flu or allergy season, this hack takes an ugly staple and turns it into a pretty item on your shelf or table.

Faux Leather Cover Turns Whitney's Tissue Box Covers Into Decor


Faux Leather Cover Turns Whitney’s Tissue Box Covers Into DecorCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney


The home professional is a big advocate for using trays to organize high traffic areas.

Whitney said she uses a tray in the living room to store remotes and coffee table books, but you can also keep one on your nightstand to organize things you need during your bedtime routine.


Like tissue boxes, Whitney said, branded soap dispensers are “ugly” and rarely coordinate with a bathroom’s carefully planned aesthetic.

Invest in transparent soap dispensers that will blend in more with the design of your home.

A transparent dispenser is also a practical choice. “You can see when it’s nearly exhausted and you need to refill it,” Whitney said.

The home professional decants his soap in a handy transparent pump


The home professional decants his soap in a handy transparent pumpCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney


“Clutter is something that destroys a home very quickly,” Whitney said. “The bathroom is where it’s most noticeable.”

To that end, the YouTube personality uses under-the-sink baskets, cabinets, shelves and organizers to always keep her bathroom counters clear.


If your bathroom is tiled, spending a few hours scrubbing your grout will make the room feel much nicer, Whitney said.

“It’s so frustrating and annoying to clean it up,” she admitted, but a grout brush or steam cleaner can make removing the discoloration easier.

A grout brush makes removing discoloration from tile much easier


A grout brush makes removing discoloration from tile much easierCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney


Whitney’s organizational philosophy is easy to sum up.

“Anything we can do to cover up and hide the ugly things in our lives that we really need will make your home more expensive,” she explained.

As an example, Whitney shared, she keeps her paper towel roll on a special holder inside a cabinet door, where it’s easily accessible but not an eyesore.

This paper towel holder hides the roll inside a cabinet door


This paper towel holder hides the roll inside a cabinet doorCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney


Whitney, who “hates” her kitchen, also made the unattractive countertops more palatable by buying a household epoxy kit to give them a marble finish.

If you don’t want to invest in brand new countertops, an epoxy kit can recreate more luxurious materials – just be sure to buy one with good reviews.


In her closet, Whitney displays her favorite handbags and sunglasses with accessory racks.

She said it made her closet “look like a boutique”, while preventing handbags from crashing into the closet – plus, it made it easy to see which accessories she should pick out when shopping. planning her outfit.

Whitney's handbags and sunglasses look gorgeous on the racks in her closet


Whitney’s handbags and sunglasses look gorgeous on the racks in her closetCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney


Already a big proponent of convenient, portable trays in common areas, Whitney also uses a tray in her closet.

She keeps her perfumes on a pretty tray, so they are easy to access but also very visible. Opt for a mirrored tray like this one from Whitney, which reflects the beautiful decorative bottles.

Mirrored top reflects fancy perfume bottles


Mirrored top reflects fancy perfume bottlesCredit: Youtube/ Shea Whitney


Whitney keeps two types of touch-up pens on hand to repair minor marks and scratches.

The former are wood-finish pens that clean up minor damage to furniture, making it look like new.

The other pens she swears by are paint pens, which you can refill with the same paint you used on your walls at home for flawless repairs.

“You get these pens, you suck up the paint, and it will stay fresh in these pens for over seven years,” Whitney said.

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“Whenever you notice a mark on the wall, you grab the pen and fix it instantly.”

Your home will look freshly painted to all visitors, and clean walls will give you peace of mind.

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