I’m an Interior Design Expert – 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Much More Expensive for Less

SAVING money while showcasing a sense of luxury is a winning tradeoff if you make three simple changes.

Most people would jump at the chance to make their home more luxurious than it is.


A TikToker named Char Tara shares three interior design tips to improve the look of your homeCredit: TikTok/@chartarapitt

One of the biggest reasons people might overlook luxury interior design is the cost of it all.

Luckily, it’s possible to make a home that gives off vibes of opulence without breaking the bank.

A TikToker named Char Tara posted an eight-second clip with three brilliant ideas to instantly make any home nicer on the inside.

Char’s first idea is to add stair treads to the steps inside your home.

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There’s something very regal about stair runners – and they often don’t cost too much.

Seeing stair steps inside your home might even remind you of cute fictional princesses like Cinderella or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Char’s second tip is to make sure your main entrance consists of double doors.

Many people live in houses with only one door as their main entrance.

Entryways that have double doors leading to the main living areas of your home instantly look more expensive.

In the included Char photo, there is also a stylish plant lined up near the double doors. The plant adds to the beauty.

According to Char, double door entryways will make your home feel more luxurious


According to Char, double door entryways will make your home feel more luxuriousCredit: TikTok/@chartarapitt

Char’s final tip is to incorporate paneled dividers inside your home.

The photo she used shows clear panel dividers with a black border separating two rooms inside a house.

Most homes don’t have panel dividers, so this is something you’ll need to install after you’ve already moved in.

Char’s caption asks, “Did you like any of these?”

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She was also sure to add hashtags about home decor and interior design so more people could discover her content.

These days, Char has over 84,600 followers on TikTok who like to follow the ideas she has for a luxurious life.

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