I’m an interior design expert – big mistakes that make your garden look cheap and what to do instead

NO ONE wants their house to look cheap.

But sometimes we’re unaware of the design mistakes that make a home look downright cheesy.


A design expert shared her tips for a garden that looks expensiveCredit: TikTok/designbroker
Use gravel instead of stones for landscaping


Use gravel instead of stones for landscapingCredit: TikTok/designbroker

An interior design and decorating expert, who goes by the name @designbroker on TikTok, has gained more than 150,000 followers thanks to her videos that offer home advice and product recommendations.

She created a series called “What Would a Rich Mom Do?” where she shares tips for making your home more expensive.

In a recent clip, titled “What would a rich mom do? Landscape Edition,” she revealed the biggest mistakes you can make in your garden that instantly devalue your home’s curb appeal.


The first item on his list was what you use for your lawn paths.

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“Rich mom wouldn’t make a landscape with white rocks or colored rocks,” she began.

“Instead, rich mom uses pea gravel.”

A series of images showing beautiful gardens with fine gravel paths proved his point.


Then she said to ditch the visible lighting.

“Rich mom would never let her landscaping lights be seen,” she said alongside a photo of black landscape highlights.

“Instead, she puts them neatly away, leaving you to guess where they even came from.”

It’s best to hide your lighting in shrubs or under mounts.


As for your driveway, she said you shouldn’t opt ​​for a simple poured concrete driveway.

“Rich mother’s driveway grows grass or is paved with stone,” she said.


Most people have fences to protect their garden, but the design professional said that wasn’t enough.

“Rich mom not only has a fence for her backyard, but she also has a fence for her front yard.”

Viewers were grateful for the tips.

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“Oh wow. Favorite new show!” one person wrote.

“I needed this!!! More landscaping puh-leez! Love it,” added another.

Aim for hidden lights rather than those with visible structures


Aim for hidden lights rather than those with visible structuresCredit: TikTok/designbroker

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