I’m an interior design pro – 10 items in your home that make it look cheap

WHEN you’re arranging your perfect home, there are design mistakes that can immediately make it look tacky – right down to the type of lighting in a room.

Fortunately, the people of spruce listed 10 things to avoid in your home that can make it look cheap.


There are pieces of furniture in your house that can make it look cheapCredit: Getty
Be sure to track the clutter in your home to make sure it doesn't look sloppy and tacky


Be sure to track the clutter in your home to make sure it doesn’t look sloppy and tackyCredit: Getty


While art adds a lot of personality to a space, mass-produced prints and artwork can detract from it.

Websites like Etsy are a must-have when looking to fill the empty spaces on your walls with unique pieces.

If you’re looking to be particularly thrifty, DIYing your own affordable piece of art is also an option.


Keeping your entryway tidy and organized is key to making it look polished and sophisticated.

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As this is the first impression of your home, you should invest in furniture and artwork to brighten it up – but keep it minimal.


Too much of a good thing being bad applies when it comes to home decorating.

When choosing a decorating style, try to do it in an understated way. For example, if you want to show off your love for the seaside, sprinkle some tasteful nautical pieces around your home.

Overdoing it can quickly make it look like a cheap themed motel.


A rug that is too small for a room can make the room look unbalanced and cheap.

When choosing the rug you think best complements your space, make sure it’s large enough to fit under furniture so it doesn’t float around the room.

Cluttered rooms

A minimalist, decluttered space gives a room an upscale feel. Be sure to track the clutter in your home to make sure it doesn’t look sloppy and tacky.


A room that’s too bright and oversaturated can give off sticky vibes.

You want to make sure your lighting is right for your space.

A bulb with a super high watt can be too bright for your bedroom, while a dim lamp can make a living space look dark and dreary.


Too many trinkets or overdone art with cliched quotes will make a home feel far from sophisticated, looking more childish instead.

Get rid of the “live, laugh, love” pieces and opt for statement items that really speak to you.


While decorating shouldn’t be overdone, a seemingly empty space can actually look cheap.

If you’re out of ideas, a gallery wall is an easy and affordable way to fill in a blank wall.


The infamous “boob light” is functional, but it’s an eyesore and can feel sticky. Replace that unwanted light fixture with a new one or try a DIY cover to conceal it.

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Matching furniture sets can look cheap and give the impression that you haven’t given much thought to decorating your home.

Mixing and matching styles, woods and fabrics will give your home a more polished look.

Betty K. Park