I’m an interior design professional – how to transform an ordinary corner of any room on a budget

THERE’S no reason for the corners of your home to be simple and boring.

Incredible interior design tips for tricky spaces, such as corners, are readily available through social media.


Catherine Gray shares interior design tips for people with simple corners at homeCredit: tiktok/@catherinegrey.xo
Using a large plant to take up space is one of Catherine's decorating tips


Using a large plant to take up space is one of Catherine’s decorating tipsCredit: tiktok/@catherinegrey.xo

Interior design pro and TikToker Catherine Gray uploaded a video showing an example of how she makes a plain corner look totally upgraded.

The first step she takes is to add a floor mirror right in the corner.

A mirror similar to the one in her video is available at Walmart for $62.

Catherine’s next addition is a large plant in a beige colored wicker basket.

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A plant that looks like the one Catherine has is $20.99 on Amazon.

After that, she adds a small table with four intertwined legs in front of the mirror on the other side of the plant.

A table with similar wired legs is on sale on Amazon for $44.67.

Finally, she adds a stack of books with a glass incense jar on top of the small table.

A decorative three-pound stack is $31.99 on Amazon, and incense sticks are $6.

Five elements were added to the plain corner of one of her rooms, and she instantly created a major interior design upgrade.

Several people with interior design questions commented on Catherine’s video.

One person wrote: “Love it! Do you have any ideas for a reading nook in a bedroom?

Decorative books and incense are perfect for filling the space of a plain corner


Decorative books and incense are perfect for filling the space of a plain cornerCredit: tiktok/@catherinegrey.xo

Catherine responded to this by saying she plans to post a video covering this soon.

“Love this mirror and have the same,” someone else added.

A third person wrote: “I don’t think you will see this, but where did you get the plant and the table from?”

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Catherine responded to their question by saying, “The table is from Target. The plant I bought at Lowe’s a few years ago.”

“This is absolutely stunning,” another person wrote in the comments section.

Betty K. Park