I’m an interior designer and here’s why you should steer clear of trends

DECORING your home isn’t always easy.

So it’s easy to see why so many of us opt for the same boring trends we’ve seen on Instagram time and time again.


Ditching Trends Will Instantly Elevate Your HomeCredit: Getty

But according to interior designer Pandora Taylor, we should all avoid trends when it comes to our homes.

The 32-year-old told metro.co.uk“I hate doing things I’ve seen before.”

She continued, “”You can’t completely avoid it, but I like to harvest things from my 10 years in the design world, things that I might not use for clients, and I’m drawn to objects I have never seen before.

Although the pro has an Instagram account, she revealed that she doesn’t follow trends there.

The interior genius explained that visiting stately homes with her mother as a child sparked a love for interesting designs.

She said: “In these houses I loved how you could be there for a while and suddenly see something amazing or something subtle. [in the background] like an old tapestry.”

Pandora transformed her own house to have a similar style, with little treasures spread throughout the space.

“My style is definitely about pairing nods to traditional pieces with contemporary pieces,” she explained.

“I love the bold patterns in the curtains and the overall look is decidedly fresh and youthful with glamorous elements.”

Pandora’s style combines different elements that merge perfectly, for a timeless look that completely eschews trends.

Although everything has a clear function, it must also look good, she confessed.

The sleek style of Kardashian interiors may be trendy, but it’s not exactly warm and certainly doesn’t reflect your personality.

The pro explained that finding a style that suits you is easier than you think.

“Just do it,” she joked.

“If you have a physical reaction to something, you should go for it.

“The biggest thing I hate is worrying about potential buyers.

“Life is too short – live in the house you love.”

Modern styles aren't always the best


Modern styles aren’t always the bestCredit: Getty
Reflect your personality in your home


Reflect your personality in your homeCredit: Getty

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