I’m an interior designer and my 7 user-friendly tips will instantly make your home more expensive

IF YOU live in a rented house or apartment, there’s not much you can do to make yourself feel at home without completely changing it.

Luckily, this interior designer has shared some of her top tips to make it look a lot more expensive, but won’t ruin your chances of getting your deposit back.


There are many easy ways to make your rented home more expensiveCredit: YouTube/Kristen McGowan

Kristen McGowan shared her clever tricks on herself Youtube channel and they are a must if your home is looking for an upgrade, but you need them to be tenant friendly.

Change obsolete hardware

Whether it’s on your kitchen cabinets or your bathroom vanity, if the hardware is old, it can completely ruin a room.

You can get new hardware from Amazon which also comes with all the screws you will need.

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Kristen said, “When making a change like this, remember to keep the old stuff!”

Add curtains

Sometimes in rental properties there are things that aren’t very nice but that you can’t get rid of.

The interior design genius recommended adding a tension rail, so there are no gaps, and adding a curtain to cover up anything you don’t like.

Remove cabinet doors

If your kitchen is asking for an upgrade but your landlord isn’t shelling out the cash for it, Kristen revealed an easy way to give it a more modern look.

She explained that by removing some kitchen cabinet doors, you can give the space a much more modern look.

she said: ‘It creates a whole new look and is perfect for anyone who thinks their tenant’s kitchen is tiny.’

Don’t forget to put the old doors away in a clean place so you can put them back in place before you move.

Use stick on wallpaper

Kristen said, “Peel and stick wallpaper is simple, removable and there are so many different styles to choose from.

She explained that you can use it on entire rooms, or just on a wall to make a statement.

You can also get peel and stick tiles for your kitchen backsplash, which can also update your kitchen.

Change the lighting

One thing you can change in most rental properties is the lighting.

An outdated light fixture can ruin an otherwise nice room, so taking it apart and installing something that’s more to your personal taste can make a huge difference.

Kristen said, “If you live with an ugly chandelier or something that ruins the style you’re going for, just consider changing it.”

Add a rug

While you probably can’t change the entire flooring, a large area rug can instantly transform any space.

Whether it’s a run down your hallway or a rug to cover your entire living room floor, “don’t underestimate a rug,” the pro joked.

Bend over, don’t hold on

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If you want to hang some cool wall art or even mirrors in your rented home, but don’t want to fill the gaps when you leave, consider leaning it against the wall instead.

Kristen explained that if done correctly, it can look really fancy and expensive, especially if you layer multiple frames of different sizes.

Peel and stick wallpaper can give you a no-commitment chic look


Peel and stick wallpaper can give you a no-commitment chic lookCredit: YouTube/Kristen McGowan
Art leaning against the wall can look really chic if done right


Art leaning against the wall can look really chic if done rightCredit: YouTube/Kristen McGowan
Tension rods can hide ugly places without leaving marks and holes


Tension rods can hide ugly places without leaving marks and holesCredit: YouTube/Kristen McGowan

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