I’m an interior designer – and my simple trick will help you hide all those pesky cables without spending tons of money

There’s no better feeling than wall-mounting that recently purchased flatscreen TV – until you spot those bulky wires dangling.

Luckily for you, interior design experts have shared a variety of methods to hide them.


An interior designer has shared how to tidy up those pesky TV wiresCredit: Getty
There is no need to modify the walls of the house to hide the TV cables


There is no need to modify the walls of the house to hide the TV cablesCredit: Getty

There are 6 different ways to hide TV cords:

Installing an electrical outlet

Interior designer Amelia Strat told Martha Stewart one solution is to have an electrician install an electrical outlet just behind the flat screen television.

This particular method is inexpensive and very effective.

She explained: “This way the power cord can be neatly rolled up and stored behind the TV.

“Usually it’s not very expensive, as most people choose to place their TV in a location that is already close to an outlet.”

Try a cord cover

Another essential investment – a cord cover is a thin plastic cover used to hide any cords.

They can be installed directly on the wall or discreetly hidden next to skirting boards.

“Most cord covers can be painted to match the color of your walls, so they can blend in more seamlessly,” advised another house expert, Abbot Fenimore.

Using a cable lock

To store those visible wires connected to your cable box or wifi router, it is suggested to use a handy cable zipper.

To get started, make sure the desired cables are neatly bundled. Then you just need to take a cable zipper to tighten them.

Interior expert Mark Lavender explained: “This way the cables stay contained and organized in one place.

“And can be wall-mounted (or behind a media console) with the supplied self-adhesive mounts.”

DIY Cable Organizer Kit

For this particular plan, you will need a drywall saw.

Next, you want to use the saw to cut out a small section of your wall directly behind the TV.

Then simply install the Flat Panel Cable Organizer Kit and place the wires through the opening.

Hide wires through furniture

When rearranging your furniture, keep in mind that some console tables can actually help hide pesky dangling TV cables.

Interior expert Emma Beryl said: ‘That way you can drill a small hole in the back of the cabinet, run your wires through it and plug it into the wall as you normally would.’

Use your home decoration

Besides using furniture, some interior decorations are also useful when trying to hide visible cables.

Mark advised: “If you have a console under your flatscreen TV, try putting a stack of books in front of the hanging cords to hide them.”

Other home accessories such as indoor plants, candles, leaning artwork can also be used to store wires without having to make major modifications to the walls.

And even if you’re dealing with TV cables, one mom shared how sick of her kids losing their electronic cables.

The smart mom found a solution to stop chargers from being misplaced.

“We use this zippered pocket system and it has worked so well for us,” she said.

The woman explained that each clear pencil case had a different colored zipper.

Along with other simple tips shared, she concluded that this was the way to go.

She said, “If you ever find a cord lying around, you’ll know exactly what it is and where it belongs.”

Keep in mind that some consoles can actually help hide pesky TV cables


Keep in mind that some consoles can actually help hide pesky TV cablesCredit: Getty

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