I’m an interior designer and there are eight mistakes people make when decorating their bathroom

AN interior designer has revealed eight common mistakes he sees people make when it comes to decorating their bathrooms.

Nick, who is from the United States, shared a video on Youtube where he can be seen not only discussing problems, but sharing how to fix them.


Interior designer Nick from the USA has revealed the eight common mistakes he sees people make when it comes to decorating their bathrooms. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

So if you’re hoping to design your perfect bathroom, look no further…


Nick says not considering a floating vanity or toilet is a big mistake people make.

“They can be a really good option for a lot of people because they’re easier to clean, super easy to clean underneath, so often there are hygienic benefits there and it’s just a very nice, clean contemporary design …” he explains.

“There are floating toilets and really good modern toilets that you might want to consider that will fit your design style a little better.”

He adds, “Also, it’s just personal, but I really don’t care about the worm toilet…I don’t really like it on the side of the toilet.”

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The interior design also notes that people often only have one light in the center of the room and make the mistake of not adding additional lighting.

“I love wall sconces in the bathroom – I think it’s a great way to add symmetry,” he says.

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“If you have a larger vanity, you can put two different wall sconces for a slightly grander look, or a single wall sconce above your mirror.”

Nick goes on to share some of the other things he thinks homeowners should consider.

“Of course, you know I’m a huge fan of recreation lighting scripts,” he continues. “So feel free to put this behind your bathroom mirror.”

“And it can really look sleek and beautiful, under your vanity – especially if you have a floating vanity – it’s another great way to add a bit of subtle glow.”

It’s also super classy which I love.”

The interior designer adds, “If you’re really grand and have the space, you can also get away with a pendant or chandelier above the tub.”


Nick goes on to identify themed bedrooms as a major bathroom mistake – specifically referring to the beach themes he often encounters.

“I’m not talking about a design style or a cookie-cutter color palette – it’s fine if it’s integrated with the rest of your home, I’m all about it…” he explains -he.

“I’m talking specifically about the beach theme that I think so many people have in their bathrooms.”

“You shouldn’t really feel like you’re entering a completely separate space from your home.”

He adds, “When you overdo it a bit, you go beyond the style of design and the art of subtlety and start moving into a kitschy theme.”

“I don’t think that’s what you’re trying to do, but that’s how it reads.”


Nick says coarse vinyl shower curtains that have been kept much longer than they should be are also among the nasty mistakes he sees regularly.

“If you have a brown line on your shower curtain, it’s time to buy a new one,” he jokes.

“If you go for a plastic shower curtain which is obviously a waterproof material but there are more natural looking shower curtains that have a little more meaning and are just a little more chic than opting for a plastic curtain with maybe a giant Tucan or jungle theme on it.”


The designer highlights one particular area that people often overlook – and that’s the grout.

“Grout is really important and there’s actually a lot more grout when you look at these patterned tiles than you might think,” he says.

It’s actually a huge deal to look at which grout is going to be selected against the tile you’re placing in your bathroom.”

Nick goes on to offer his expert advice on choosing the right grout color for your bathroom.

He advises choosing a grout that closely matches the tiles if you’re looking for a subtle grout that blends in, but recommends choosing something opposite if you want a pop of color to make the tiles pop.


And when it comes to rugs in the bathroom, that’s a big no-no, according to Nick.

“It’s a question of hygiene, there’s splashing – don’t make a mat,” he says.

He also urges homeowners to ditch the “fuzzy things” he sometimes sees placed firmly on toilet lids.

“If you can pick up anything and you can put it in the washing machine, great, but if it requires materials to clean it, don’t put it in the bathroom,” he urges. .

“It’s not made for the bathroom – don’t.”


Nick jokes that his strong dislike of barn doors is very well documented.

But for those who don’t know, he explains: “I particularly hate barn doors on a bathroom…

With bathrooms there are noises and smells that a barn door isn’t going to help.”

The barn door in the bathroom just isn’t a good idea…let’s just try to keep things classy, ​​but let’s just say there are other doors that are better suited to a bathroom. “


Nick also explains that there’s so much going on in the bathroom that having a place to store everything, from your towels to your toiletries, is essential.

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“One of the things that I love that a lot of people overlook is a medicine cabinet…they are really underrated – especially if you can get one of those inserted into the wall,” he says.

“It’s a very good thing because you hide your storage behind the mirror…”

Nick urged people to avoid barn doors and beach-themed bathrooms


Nick urged people to avoid barn doors and beach-themed bathroomsCredit: YouTube/Nick Lewis

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