I’m an interior designer – the fall trends that make your home look so cheap and cheesy

IT CAN be really fun to decorate your whole house with seasonal decorations.

There’s something extra cozy about adding fall-themed throw pillows, blankets and artwork — but going too far can ruin it.


The interior designer said sticky cushions were a big no-no1 credit

According to interior designer Anthony Immediato, there are certain trends you should avoid if you don’t want your home to look cheap and tacky.

While it can be tempting to go all out with orange-and-leaf-themed items, Anthony said it’s a big no-no.

“I want you to think less literally than that,” he joked, showing a snap of a giant fall wreath with leaves and pumpkins above a sign that read “fall” in large letters. .

He continued, “Add subtle touches like colors and textures instead.”

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The interior genius suggested being less obvious with your design choices, opting for things that are comfortable but could potentially fit into your home all year round, like red candles.

Most importantly, ditch the sticky fall pillows – do you really need a pillow with a pumpkin on it?

Anthony suggested using textured pillows to create the warm feeling of fall rather than anything on the nose.

He added, “Take a step back from that literal faux rustic look and add touches that make your home feel like fall, not necessarily fall.”

However, not everyone agreed with the kitsch-free options, with one person saying, “I see what you mean, but where’s the fun in that?”

A second joked: ‘But how will we know it’s the fall if our pillows don’t tell us?’

Another said: “I’m sticking to my tacky seasonal decor.”

But one joked: “That’s the best advice I’ve seen.”

Don't be too literal with your decor


Don’t be too literal with your decor1 credit
Being subtle looks classier


Being subtle looks classier1 credit
Use textures to achieve the same feel


Use textures to achieve the same feel1 credit

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