I’m an interior designer – the placement of your furniture matters more than you think, here’s how to get it right

IT’S NO SECRET that where we live can have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives.

You’ve probably heard thousands of times that you should tidy up your bedroom before you go to bed so you can relax properly.


The placement of your sofa is one of the many things that impact a room.Credit: Alamy

But it goes even further than that, it seems.

In fact, the placement of your furniture may be the reason you feel elated or drained.

Good Housekeeping recently called on designers and feng shui experts Anije ChoReiko Gomez Reiko design and Amanda Amato of AMA Designs & Interiors to determine exactly how we should all arrange our homes for that perfect feeling.

It might seem obvious, but everyone has a slightly different role they need their living room to play.

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Some might use it for parties and entertainment, while others might want it to be peaceful and a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Anije says: “Often located closer to the front door, this is more of a room facing the public in your home than a bedroom or office, so colors and layout should reflect that.”

When it comes to arranging furniture in your living room, the sofa is usually the star of the show.

Reiko explained, “Whatever the primary function of the space, an ideal furniture arrangement is one where, when you enter the space, you can see the sofa welcoming you.

“It will draw you into the embrace of the room,” they added.

Of course, some home layouts just don’t allow for this type of design, if so, design pros recommend adding a console table behind the sofa to help separate it.

Having a flowing room is something that is often overlooked too.

“If you twist and turn too much to get around furniture, or find yourself squeezing between chairs, your arrangement is too tight,” Reiko revealed.

“Open things up, and possibly remove a piece of furniture or two.”

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Interior gurus have also said that hanging mirrors and wall art can completely change the nature of a room.

Hanging them higher than you should is good general advice to ensure the eye is drawn and the mood is lifted, they explained.

Where you hang art and mirrors matters too, experts say


Where you hang art and mirrors matters too, experts sayCredit: Getty
Try to avoid facing your sofa at the back of the room


Try to avoid facing your sofa at the back of the roomCredit: Alamy

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