I’m an interior designer, this free and easy “triangle” tip will transform your home and should ALWAYS be followed

WHEN it comes to decorating and choosing accessories, it’s often difficult to know exactly where to put them.

Luckily, an interior designer came to the rescue by offering her foolproof “triangle” technique that works perfectly when furnishing your home.


A Home Expert Shared Her Simple ‘Triangle’ Technique for Accessorizing Your HomeCredit: tiktok.com/@katiepellegrinodecor

Katie Pellegrino, TikTok user aka @katiepellegrinocorshared a video on his social media account, titled: “Easy and Free Interior Design Tip Part 2”.

As the camera pans over a vase sitting on top of a stack of books, she explains her method.

She said: “Style your accessories in a triangle shape. The easiest way to do this is one large object, one small.

The “triangle” tip just means that a triangle could easily be drawn around the objects and they would fit into it.

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Katie added another part to the video, showing how it also applies to two vases with a taller and a shorter one sitting side by side on the same books.

The home expert also added that it doesn’t have to cost a penny to remodel your home in this way.

Instead, you can use the props you already have, but just arranged in a different way.

She wrote alongside the video: “Super basic and you can use things you already have – just place them intentionally to create rhythm.”

Katie also explained that the same method could be used to choose how to decorate larger areas, such as around the fireplace.

“You don’t need a stack of books either. They just add to it. Also works on a larger scale (mantle, sideboard, etc.).

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While fans thanked her for the trusty advice, others said they had already subconsciously followed it because they knew it looked more aesthetically pleasing.

Katie has also posted other equally useful hacks on her account, which has amassed 15,500 followers since its launch.

The same method can be adapted for use in larger spaces around the house


The same method can be adapted for use in larger spaces around the houseCredit: tiktok.com/@katiepellegrinodecor

Betty K. Park