I’m an interior professional – the biggest mistake people make when decorating homes and it’s a total waste of money

WHEN people move into a bigger and better home, the first thing they do is start buying furniture to fill every nook and cranny.

However, it could actually be a total waste of money, according to one home designer.


A home decor expert has revealed how people waste money when decorating a home1 credit

Take from social mediaInterior decorating enthusiast Rachel Moore shared, “The biggest mistake people make when decorating their new home is decorating too quickly.

“It’s normal for a wall, a corner, or even an entire room to remain empty until you find what you really like or save up for the things you really like.”

She went on to explain that her mattress sat on the floor for six weeks before she found the perfect bed frame and headboard.

On top of that, she also kept her clothes in boxes for over two months until she found the perfect dresser.

“It’s much more cost effective to wait to buy an item you really like than to just put something you like in its place to replace it later.

Previously, another interior design fan revealed that there are three things she wishes she had known before decorating her own home.

In a video that has since gone viral with nearly 67,000 views, Rachel Steffenmeister (@subtleimpacts) said focusing on the color scheme is more important than the overall style of the room – whether it’s Scandinavian, bohemian or French.

“So what happened to me was that every time I went to buy a piece, I was so worried that it wouldn’t match the style.

“But if it matches your space and the other colors in the room, it usually worked.”

Before leaving to buy different works, plant pots and furniture define the only vocation of the room.

“Do you want the space to be a reading room? Do you want it to be a living room? A kitchen?”

Here, she added, another aspect to consider is the comfort you want for the room in question and the approximate number of guests you plan to accommodate.

”Thirdly […]don’t buy all at once.

“Even if you have the money to do it, start with your rugs and sofas, because you don’t know how high they will be yet,” Rachel explained.

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”So your decoration pieces might be off – and you won’t be able to use them anymore…”

This will not only save you a headache of having to figure out what to do with those items that no longer work, but also wasting money unnecessarily.

Buying furniture just to fill your home is a huge mistake


Buying furniture just to fill your home is a huge mistakeCredit: Getty

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