Interior design: five tips to make a house more expensive

Preston Konrad is a lifestyle expert and former style director at luxury retailer Ralph Lauren. He took to TikTok to share his top five interior design tips for making a home more expensive on a budget.

“Here are five things you can do right now to make your home more expensive.”

Preston’s first tip was to layer your mats.

“When I worked for Ralph Lauren, it was kind of a requirement, we had to do it in every store we design.”

But why is it such a crucial interior design movement?

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The style expert “It adds texture, dimension and makes your home look a bit neater.”

But he added a caveat: “I don’t like it when they’re super symmetrical.”

He prefers them a little uneven or at an angle.

Preston’s next tip was to get rid of the “boob lights” – recessed ceiling lights.


He recommended interior design blog Nadine Stay, which gives recommendations on what homeowners can replace their lights with.

But tenants, don’t despair, because Konrad thinks you shouldn’t have to put up with those oddly shaped lights either.

“If you’re renting, take the breast down, turn on your light, and replace it before you leave.”

The third tip to make a home more expensive was to invest in Roman blinds, which the expert says can be very “affordable”.

He explained, “It’s perfect for a room with a shorter ceiling or a window that isn’t super dramatic.”

Preston’s fourth tip was to experiment with texture and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Calling it a “designer favourite”, he advised interior design enthusiasts to use wood, leather, concrete and vintage materials.

“Last and foremost, mix up your frames.

“These definitely shouldn’t match if you want that curated designer look.”

Returning to his point on textures and materials, Preston advised playing with wood and black gallery frames.

“And I even like to throw an object into the mix to make it really special.”

Interior design enthusiasts flocked to the comments to praise Preston’s video, with @kate_I_harris saying, “It was actually so helpful without putting any style to shame. Loved it!”

Interior designer @holaa.sarah said, “As a designer, I approve of this post.”

People were impressed with the affordable and accessible advice.

@kikihanphotography responded to the video, “Finally a designer who doesn’t tell us to throw away our house.”

Betty K. Park