Interior Design Ideas to Revitalize Your Freelance Cafe

The UK hospitality industry is thriving, and a big part of that industry is the humble cafe. Retail chains and independent venues dot the shopping streets and local communities; of those who frequent cafes, 80% do so at least once a week. Independents, in particular, have flourished in recent years as customers reject the organized glamor of the chain store for the unique personality of the owner or family business. But achieving your personality in interior design is not easy. Here are some tips to help you achieve your vision.

The importance of interior design

Interior design is an essential part of designing a commercial space of any type, which is especially true for hospitality venues. Cafes should be a welcoming environment for new customers and comfortable to encourage customers to stay. The interior design of your cafe will also help define its purpose; Are you aiming your cafe for young professionals or are you hoping to create a fun atmosphere for families?

For chain coffee outlets, interior design can be used as an extension of their brand; while independent cafes achieve their success through a personalized sense of taste that sets them apart from chains. Interior design is everything from advertising to experience, regardless of your cafe’s business model.

Interior design tips to develop customization

color scheme

The color scheme of your cafe is arguably the most important factor in creating the atmosphere or “mood” you are looking for. This color palette should be highly dependent on the purpose and target audience of your cafe. Bright whites and vibrant blues are stylish and lend themselves particularly well to daylight, making them a great choice for a cafe looking to position itself as a professional urban hangout.

Meanwhile, darker, smokier colors are all the rage for creating cozy home spaces – something you can take full advantage of to create a cozy aesthetic in your cafe. Chalky emulsion paints are a great way to achieve this, while bold patterned wallpapers can add an element of quirkiness to procedures.

Wall decoration

The items you adorn your walls with can say a lot about your direction as a business and contribute greatly to the theme or mood you have chosen. For a small family business, newspaper clippings and family photos are an endearing way to announce the origins of your coffee; Local artwork and hand-painted signs can help establish you as a community-oriented business, while colorful aluminum signage can create feelings of an artistic and creative atmosphere.


Lighting should complement your color choice. Smoky or chalky colors cast warm lights in a pleasant way, making the lamps a brilliant choice for creating cozy nooks. Cleaner and more elegant colors stand out with bright lighting, which can also benefit customers who visit your cafe for work.


The final pieces of the puzzle are your furniture choices. Again, the function of your cafe is a key factor here – large plush sofas are fantastic for creating a relaxed lounge atmosphere, while bar tables may better suit the professional “to-go” demographic.

Betty K. Park