Interior Design Master Molly Coath Shares Her Best Design Tip From The Show

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  • Masters in Interior Design with Alan Carr is an essential viewing for anyone who loves their interior design mixed with a touch of DIY and drama. In last week’s episode, we saw Molly Coath sent home after her vintage-inspired store design failed to impress Michelle Ogundehin and guest judge Mary Portas.

    Molly Coath wowed us on the show with her gorgeous illustrations, whimsical wallpaper ideas and luxurious colors. Talk to Ideal home she revealed the design tip she learned on the show that can take you from a good interior designer to a great one.

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    Molly Coath’s best design advice from the show

    “My design colleagues taught me not to be regimented, not to hold back and to go for it! explains Molly. “It’s something I’ve always been able to implement at home. But when it comes to working, I’m a rule follower and make sure everything is very thoughtful and makes sense on all levels for the client.’

    “However, throughout the process of making this show, I learned to let the bold element of my design style shine through. Not to overemphasize that everything coordinates and matches perfectly,” adds Molly “That contrasting and eclectic design, where you take risks, can take you from a good interior designer to a great one.”

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    Looking back on her time on the show, Molly explains that her biggest regret was not allowing her design style to shine. “I learned a lot through this process and felt like from day one I could have been more confident in my design,” says Molly.

    “I worked on the dossier so much that sometimes I didn’t put my own stamp on it enough. Although when I signed up and finally managed to put my own stamp on the design, I was sent home! ” She adds. “But that was mainly because of the finish and the lack of time we had to market it properly.”

    “In a nutshell, my biggest mistake was playing it safe and not forcing myself to show what I could really do!”

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    Molly’s best DIY tip

    However, despite her regrets, there’s one DIY and decorating skill she takes away from the show that she now swears to update a space – upholstery. “Grab a stapler and get into upholstery,” she says.

    “I had never reupholstered anything before going on the show and I certainly ‘learned on the job’ – that’s the best way. But if you can reupholster an old chair, headboard, or banquette, you can create something beautiful, luxurious, and bespoke out of something that was initially dated and drab.

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    Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr returns to BBC1 tonight at 9pm

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