Interior Design Styles for a Colonial House in Singapore

A black and white colonial house in Singapore has a beauty in itself, so how will you style the interior in a way that is sympathetic to its surroundings, but also to those who live there? CAROLINE CHIN GEYLER of Arete Culture gives us her top tips on how to style a black and white home and highlights three interior design styles that will be perfect for a colonial home.

There are key points to consider when working on the interior design of a colonial house in Singapore. These heritage properties often have excellent cross ventilation, but less than ideal lighting conditions throughout the house. To ensure a light and bright interior design style, using materials such as glass or reflective finishes combined with lighter upholstery can work wonders. Then you can use heavy woods and dark antiques as accent pieces instead for a modern take on the vintage appeal.

By incorporating different decorative styles into the home, you can create an environment that is both surprising and fresh. Indoor-outdoor living is the key to black and white living in the tropics. Consider creating functional living and dining areas to maximize the potential of your colonial home.

It’s important to remember that there are strict guidelines for renovating a heritage property, so make sure you know them. Using freestanding furniture to create functional storage can be a way to get around the rules about additions and renovations. If the regulations are making your head spin, just call an expert (like Arete Culture!) who can advise and help you on what work can be done that respects the rules but also reflects your styling needs. of interior decoration.

Below are Caroline’s interior design styles and home decor ideas suitable for a black and white colonial house in Singapore.

Contemporary & Minimal

Clean lines, black accents, and a streamlined color palette keep things simple yet stylish.

Glamorous & Sophisticated

Bring luxury to your home with mirror finishes, natural stone and ornate details.

Warm & Modern

A mix of light woods and organic materials makes it a comfortable and contemporary home.

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