Interior designer reveals how to make your home more expensive for less

With U.S. real estate prices at an all-time high and rising, landlords and renters alike are being forced to stay put for the time being. While it must be frustrating for those of us who want to climb the ownership ladder, or even jump on it in the first place, there’s a lot to be said for working with what you already have.

TikTok lifestyle influencer and home decor lover @PrestonKonrad recently went viral on the app after revealing his top tips for making your home more expensive.

Some of his tips included layering rugs, choosing the right shades, installing Roman shades, and mixing textures and frames.

Newsweek spoke to a South African designer Christian Bensewho now lives in London, and was recently featured on House & Garden’s 2022 Rising Stars List.

She revealed how to make your home more expensive with these 6 simple design tips.

Picture frames and floor lamps can really help make your home look more sophisticated.
Alex James

Tip 1: Choose the right rug

Choose a rug with a pile (cut or loop) rather than a flat weave. A flat weave rug is always a bit informal and “lightweight”.

Tip 2: Choose the right cushions

Decorative cushions filled with feathers or down. Fiber or foam interiors make cushions look stiff, firm, uncomfortable and cheap. You want there to be a feeling of luxury to these, and having feather interiors gives that softness and feeling of luxury.

Cushions and white bed linen.
Alex James

Tip 3: Good framing is a MUST

Good framing is essential. 99% of the time, a pre-framed piece of art looks worse than a cropped piece. Where you can, always buy unframed artwork and spend some time getting the framing right after. Good framing can make a work of art (regardless of subject matter) more expensive than it actually is, and it’s the framing that connects the artwork to the diagram, not the work. of art itself. Avoid colored frames and opt for white, black or plain wood instead.

Choose complementary materials and try a rug.
Alex James

Tip 4: Lamps. Lamps. Oh, and more lamps!

Dedicated reading lights instantly make a room more expensive. Where you can, place a reading lamp next to an armchair or sofa. It gives the space the “members club vibe” as the room was designed for you to read a book or have a glass of wine under your own spotlight.

Tip 5: Mix your materials and textures

Something leather, something stone and something lacquered. It’s a great combination of materials that always makes a piece feel expensive.

Tip 6: Always choose white linen rather than wacky patterns

Crisp white bedding. Once you hit 30, colorful or patterned bedding makes it look like you’re clinging to your college days. White bedding is a classic.

Betty K. Park