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“Inner Strength Feeds the Soul: Looking Up Live” by Christian Faith Publishing Author Joyce S. Hyttinen is a delightful opportunity for personal reflection and spiritual growth through thought-provoking missives.

MEADVILLE, Pa., April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Inner Strength Feeds the Soul: Living Looking Upward”: An uplifting approach to a life of growth and faith. “Interior Fortitude Nourishes the Soul: Live Looking Up” is the creation of the published author Joyce S. Hyttinena loving wife, mother-in-law and grandmother who holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

Hyttinen shares, “Inner Strength Feeds the Soul: Live Looking Up” is about looking within, taking a stand and speaking out. There are five sections. They are “Believe”, “Fun”, “Reflect”, “Exterior” and “Inspirational”.

“A motivation in writing these snippets is that there are external forces that come to us every day. Some examples are social media, television advertising, magazines, letter carriers telling you what what you should wear, what you should eat, and what you should buy that will “instantly” solve a problem. He can bombard you if you listen to him. He’s everywhere every day.

“The book focuses on the individual person – uniqueness, questions, and the inner search for revelations. Above all, ask questions. Questions are powerful. When you ask questions, you understand and see more, and you become more informed to make decisions, to act.”

“Another aspect of these excerpts is to celebrate you. Each person is gifted and has a purpose. Individuals should be celebrated. Take time to pause, reflect and celebrate this life that has been given.”

“There is a much greater power at work here. Tap into your God-given potentials so there can be greater love, greater peace, and greater fulfillment.”

“This book will engage your own thought processes and lead to your own discoveries that can be transformative. This is for you.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Joyce S. Hyttinen new book is a unique and enjoyable opportunity for readers to take a break from modern culture and reflect on their inner voice and faith.

Hyttinen shares the hope of empowering others to “live looking up.”

Consumers can purchase “Interior Fortitude Nourishes the Soul: Live Looking Up” in traditional bookstores or online at Amazon.co.ukApple iTunes store or Barnes and Nobles.

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