Interior Health Region Benefits from Heart Monitor Upgrade

Interior Health (IH) is upgrading heart monitors across the region, improving patient access to important diagnostic tests, and improving physicians’ and nurse practitioners’ timely access to these reports.

A heart monitor (or Holter) is a diagnostic test that monitors heart rhythms by a continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) tracing over 24 hours or more. This service is offered at 31 sites across IH.

For patients, the all-new devices and system will prevent diagnosis being canceled or needing diagnosis due to equipment problems. Sites can also share the workload to analyze Holter scans if one site has an unexpected increased volume, reducing the time to results.

This project is the result of collaborative efforts between IH and the Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) Foundation. The project came to fruition thanks to a generous estate gift from Bill and Catherina Humphrey.

“Without the support of the RIH Foundation and donors, this project at this point would not have been possible,” said Interior Health Vice President of Clinical Operations, Dr. Shallen Letwin.

“We are proud to be able to provide first-class cardiac care to people living in the Interior region.

“The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation is proud to care for our extended family at Interior Health. The impact of this legacy gift is greater than we could ever have wished,” explained Heidi Coleman, CEO of the RIH Foundation.

All IH sites will be equipped with new equipment to replace old monitors and scanning software.

Abandoned equipment that is still within its operational life will be donated to other regions in need. Implementation began in March and rollout to HI will be complete in June.

“As a doctor, it’s convenient to be able to report Holter results from any computer,” said Dr. Shawn Pun of Kamloops.

“This system has great potential to reduce turnaround times for current Holter reports, a huge benefit to our patients and healthcare providers.”


Number of slots

  • Digitization sites: 8

  • Remote sites: 24

Total number of devices purchased and distributed:

  • 275 Holter monitors

  • 25 remote license keys

  • 16 scan license keys

Betty K. Park